Friday, February 19, 2010

Confession and Redemption

I said I was going to go for a run yesterday and didn't want to let such a pretty day go to waste. I did. I wasted one pretty day. Life caught up with me. I had errands to run and supper to fix to feed the hungry people in the family. I can usually rack up some dishes pretty quickly (stir fry) but I promised chicken and beef enchiladas, so I better keep my promise.  Then I rationalized in my mind that I will run after the meal is prepared - which I didn't because the kitchen smelled really yummy and the enchilada looked really gooey and cheesy and my boyfriend's sister was eating and went back for second and third. And I caved. I admit that I am weak, and give me that enchilada.
That quote about regretting the runs you didn't make it, it is true. I was struck by guilt last night. So heeding the running tip by "Shut Up and Run," I said to myself that I will do at least 3 miles in the morning - not afternoon, not evening. I'll do that 3-mile route and I will just run and I will run first thing in the morning.

And here comes the redemption.
It was a tad difficult getting out of bed this morning. The heater was working andI didn't get a good sleep because it was hot. It felt like it was 60 something degrees (Fahrenheit). It might be cold to some, but I like to sleep in artic cold room so, it wasn't a good sleep until the boyfriend came home and opened up all the windows in the room. Phew. It was cold and it was good!
Then, I had a serious separation issue with my bed this morning. Oh I just want to pull that cover close to me and snuggle up with my hero next to me. Screw running. With that thought in my mind, I tripped on GUILT. So, I gave myself 5 more minutes to get out of bed. I did and boy was I proud of myself.

It was a slow start. Buttercup was squealing with excitement because she was gonna go mosey posey around the neighborhood. I turned my Garmin on and ran. The next time I checked on my Garmin, it had already died of thirst. I realized that while I remembered to dock my Garmin into the unit to charge, it didn't get the nourishment because I forgot to plug the unit in to the wall.
I miss the chiming from the Garmin. It felt like my running coach and cheerleader boycotted me this morning.

But I ran. And ran. I focused on how good it feels to have the cold, crisp air against my face, and then the warm sunlight shining on my face. I focused on my stride and how I land my feet on the ground. I thought about my dad and pretended that he was running with me. Maybe I should run with him when I'm home for a visit.
I thought about pronation and thought I really need to go to a running shoe store to find myself a suitable pair. Maybe that's why my knee is hurting. Yes. The L knee started getting a little stiff around the last mile, and about 0.5mile left to my run, there was a slight something something. It wasn't exactly painful. It felt stiff. It feels like someone needs to pop it and get it right in place. Do you have similar experience? Share some tips / insights with me because I want this stiffness to stop so I can just run.

Anyway, I did finish what I set out to do today - 3 miles, first thing in the morning. That is a good start to my day and I am gonna reward myself with some mushroom and spinach omelette and almond milk.

Y'all have a good day and a good run.

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  1. Kudos for getting out of your warm bed to go running! I love to get up early and run; the problem is that I like sleep much more.



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