Sunday, January 1, 2012

Review: Treadmill - Proform 415 CT

I was not compensated in any way by the manufacturer or the business I bought it from. Solely my unprofessional personal opinion.....

Most of you who follow my blog knew that I bought a treadmill not too long ago. I have done several runs on it now and thought I would let y'all know what I think about my treadmill (Proform 415 CT). I usually run at a pace that usually ranges from 5mph - 6.5mph).

Let's start with the specifications and information I was most interested in.
- Product: Proform 415 CT
- Cost: $499 (before tax)
- Length of belt: 20 x 55 quiet treadbelt
- Cushioning: ProShox Max 3
- Motor: 2.25 CHP Mach Z

It has other "fancy" stuff like a place where you can stick your iPod in, 2 cup holders, preset distance and calories buttons and it also came with the iFit stuff. I haven't used any of those bells and whistles because I am only really and truly interested in the run. So for more information, go to Sam's Club web site.

What I don't like about the treadmill?
Initial Thought: The belt width could be a little wider.
I have always used the treadmills at the gyms and so, I am used to commercial treadmills which usually have wider belts than this Proform 415 CT. It isn't like I have no room to run and am falling off to the sides. And it hasn't affected my running either. Now, almost a month into it and using this treadmill exclusively, I haven't really noticed the belt width anymore.  

Initial Thought: The treadmill can get a little loud.
It is still loud. Nothing you can do about that. The treadmill sits on a carpeted floor.

What I liked about the treadmill?
I enjoy having the one-touch button for speed and incline. Unlike the treadmills at the gym where I have to hit the up/down buttons to change the pace/incline, I can hit "6" for the speed and it will take me to 6mph pace in just one touch on the treadmill.

The stats stay on the treadmill until I removed the "safety lock" thingy off the treadmill. The treadmills at the gym automatically resets the stats but this allows me to keep my stats on the treadmill until I am ready to note down the pace/distance etc. 

Now, here are the reasons why I like having this treadmill.
I get to run in my house - any time, any day. I ran while waiting on laundry to get done, while waiting for a dish to finish cooking in the oven. I can fit in a run just before I take a shower or go to bed. It has been AWESOME to have that kind of flexibility and convenience. 
I can be totally mismatched in my running clothes and it won't even matter because no one sees me. You can have a cameltoe in your running capris and it won't matter one single bit!  In fact, I also ran in just my sports bra and bottoms and without abs like Run EMZ.

I get to open the windows in the room and have fans blowing at me. Perfect right now because I can feel the cool outside breeze on my legs. It was always stuffy and hot at the gym. But now, I have fans blow on me, at me.

Overall: Yes I like this treadmill so far. I know that some treadmill review websites will likely call this treadmill amatuerish and probably almost a piece of junk. But for the price I paid for it, I am happy with it. I hope to at least get about three or four years out of it and that will end up being just over $100 a year. This is vastly cheaper than the membership to the Y. Speaking of which, I haven't been to the Y at all in December, which means that was my last $24 down the drain...... 


  1. Yeah for a new treadmill! I was concerned when I got mine that I don't use it as much, but I can say that I LOVE it! :) I have the one touch speed button as well, and it's the best invention ever! :)

  2. So glad you like your new treadmill! How convenient to be able to run whenever you want to... that would be nice!

  3. Are the treadmills at the gym quiet? My treadmill is pretty noisy, but I always thought that was just the nature of the beast.

  4. hi! I came across your blog looking for more information on this treadmill. Your review has been great but do you happen to know what the size is folded up? I am like you and would love to be at home and get stuff done while I am working out.

  5. Sarah: I thought the treadmills at the gyms are a lot quieter than what I have at home. :)

    Ruth: Let me measure it. Well, I will ask my boyfriend to measure it. I can do it, but I think he might be more precise! :) Will post an update here by the end of this week. So check back!

  6. Having the stats stay on the display after a workout is HUGE....I can't tell you how annoying I find it that the ones at the gym (and my elliptical at how I wish I had a treadmill) tend to reset after about 5 seconds. Who has a pencil and paper in their hands when they hit the stop button or the program ends...?


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