Tuesday, March 23, 2010

25 facts on 25th Post

Yay! This is my 25th post and to celebrate this little milestone, I shall share 25 random facts about me. But first, this is today's workout.

I planned on doing a run-bike-elliptical combo today. I was over-zealous and hopped on whatever I can find when I arrived at the gym. I started with the bike for 5 miles which took 18:17 minutes @ 16.5mph. Then, I jumped onto the treadmill and attempted to be Speedy Gonzales. I almost fell flat because I overestimated myself, not realizing that my legs turned into Jell-O. I laughed at myself and then called myself a ditzy klutz. I didn't go too fast after that.  Then, I left, and realized after I drove off that I didn't do the 3rd part to that combo.  O0ps!

If you haven't got enough of me yet, here are 25 facts about myself.

1. I am Singaporean...
2. who came to the U.S. when I was 21.
3. From West Palm Beach, I chose to transfer to college in Ruston, Louisiana because it is supposed to be peach-city.
4. I finally have a best friend when I was about 21 years old.
5. I like bananas that are still somewhat green.
6. I like to label things/shelves/pantry.
7. I dance while driving to keep me awake.
8. I ate road kill once.
9. I used to be deathly scared of dogs.
10. Lately, I have quit wearing high heels so they'll have plenty of rest to run however many miles I have planned for them.

Now, you wanna share a random fact or two about yourself with me?


  1. good job on ur workout. i know that jello feeling in ur legs! it hurts....but it eventually goes away! haha.
    and yay, that u are interested in my virtual race!! thnx

    random things about me:
    1. i love to dance and sing in my car while driving (also)
    2. i cannot skate or swim

  2. I cannot skate or rollerblade or swim either!

  3. I cannot swim! I can only doggy paddle :) Great list!

  4. I love bananas when they are mildly green, too! I CAN swim :). I had a swimming scholarship in college but I gave it up after the 2nd year...I hated it.

  5. You won my Gu giveaway on my blog!!! -- congratulations!!!

    email me your address at jamie dot edge at charter dot net


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