Monday, March 22, 2010

Trotting on the Treadmill with Thoughts

Trot Tally.  I find that writing my goals on a Post-It works for me when I run on the treadmill. It keeps me focused and very driven. And it keeps me safe (since I can quickly jot down the numbers instead of texting it on my phone.) I didn't plan on setting the treadmill on incline today, but I did! It kinda puts some stress on the ankle. But I needed that elevation, since this Saturday's Shamrock 5K race is definitely not on a flat terrain. Mile 1 @ 11:19/mile @ 2% incline (Plan: 11:30/mile)
Mile 2 @ 10:21/mile @ 1% incline (Plan: 10:30/mile)
Mile 3 @ 9:31/mile @ 0% incline (Plan: 9:30/mile)
Total: 3 miles in 31:43 minutes.

Thoughts.  #1 Poor Keith. His computer crashed and his work is there. He is usually diligent about saving his work on an external harddrive, so I am crossing fingers, toes, and whenever possible, my eyes that he will be able to retrieve those files.
#2: Why do my ankles ache and why do my toes go a little numb when I run? Is it because I tied my shoe laces too tightly? Any suggestions?

#3: When will the UPS truck bring my box of goodies to me?
#4: If I keep up with my schedule, I will hit 100 miles of running this weekend.

Thankful.  A good run. A sweet boyfriend. Knees that don't hurt. Fellow bloggers/runners who keep me accountable, inspired, motivated and give me such wonderful advice.  Spring break. (not in any order).

How was your Monday workout? I hope it was great!


  1. great job on the treadmill.
    i am off to the gym pretty soon and i am also taking some paper and a pen to jot down my times and pace. i always forget to do that i never know how fast i am running or how fast each mile was.

    congrats on no pain in the knees. knee pain is the worst!!

  2. Post it note is a great idea! I litke little things that help keep me focused and love your gratitude list...knees especially


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