Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Words with Wind and Legs

Dear Wind.  Please quit blowing in my face.  Why won't you leave me alone?  Why don't you blow on my back?  Why must you come head to head with me?  Please go away.

Dear Legs.  Do I really need to hollow you out and dig all the lead out?  Is that leprechaun still hanging around since St. Patty Day? Ooooh, bad leprechaun, you need to go drag some Irish chicks' legs and not mine.  I am Chinese, I don't do St. Patty Day. You got the wrong person. 

I Was Leery Of.   Some men just hanging by the elementary school.  It is spring break. And these 3 big men were just hanging there.  Maybe they were doing some maintenance work while school's out. I waved and said "hi" to them though.  And when they asked, "How are you?" I replied "Great!" in the chirpiest tone I could muster up. I smiled and tried to run like a strong, happy woman.  A great ponytail day made it easy. I bounced around to the rhythm of my ponytail.  

By the Numbers.    
Mile 1: 11:40/mile
Mile 2: 11:51
Mile 3: 11:25
Mile 4: 11:26
Mile 5: 11:45
Total: 5 miles in 58:11 minutes @ 11:38/mile pace.
Not too shabby since they were all under 12:00/mile.  Apart from the leprechaun, why won't my legs go any faster?  They feel heavy.

Thankful For.  An injury-free run. A safe run. A pretty day. Cold water after a run. 


  1. Sorry about your heavy legs. Maybe you could throw some cross training into the mix? Do you like to bike or do yoga? Yoga always helps my poopy tired legs.

    Boo for scary men on runs. :)

  2. I get pretty easily freaked out by random men on my runs too.

  3. The wind has been pretty crazy here too. My last long run, it was so bad it totally slowed my pace down. And when I turned around to head back and expected it to be at my back, no it was still blowing in my face. Not sure how that happens....

  4. @ Tara: I will be doing yoga tomorrow instead of running. I feel a need to stretch a whole lot. I just feel stiff.

    @ Tricia: I am paranoid about random men. I try to vary my routes and the times I go run. And I don't run in the dark.

    @ Tammy: The wind was blowing into my face wherever I go. I was thinking, all right, at least it will blow on my back on my return route, but nope, still in my face. I can't even hear myself breathe. All I heard was the wind.

  5. I don't like scary men anywhere on runs at all!

  6. Heavy legs are the worst! I agree with doing yoga..I love it!

  7. great post!
    ya, i may have a talk with the wind also. stop blowing in my face!!!!!!

    and congrats on ur 5 miler! great job!

  8. yeahh saw that you were a GU winner that's always fun and will definitely help to pull the lead out


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