Saturday, April 10, 2010

Product Reviews

These are the new goodies I bought (with my own money) recently and did a little test-run on my long run on Easter Sunday.  Here's what I thought of them. 

PowerBar Harvest Wholegrain Energy Bar 
I love these bars. I bought a multipack at Sam's and it has 3 flavors in it - peanut butter chocolate chip, toffee chocolate chip, and double chocolate chip. My favorites are toffee chocolate chip and double chocolate chip. I like peanut butter only on PBJ sandwiches. So, I am indifferent about the peanut butter ones here. Overall, these bars taste great and I always look forward to eating them. On Sunday when I did my 10-mile run, I ate a bar about 10 minutes before my run. It didn't give my stomach troubles and I didn't have any side stitches since I usually get those if I eat anything before a run.  (photo of PowerBar from

    Photo of me with my new running top from Target and handheld

    Ultimate Direction Fastdraw Plus      
    I probably need to learn how to suckle from this bottle since I didn't learn that when I was a baby. I am still trying to learn to draw fluid from the bottle.  At times I felt like I got a decent amount, but there were times when I could definitely use more and was left a little unsatisfied. BUT, it is a good thing that it was difficult to get a large volume of fluid. It prevented me from guzzling, which may cause me to have side stitches. 
    The bottle didn't leak throughout my run, even when I was shaking the bottle pretty heavily. The mesh pocket could be a tad bigger. I stuffed 2 GU gel packets and it was full. Without the GUs in the mesh pocket, it wasn't big enough to accommodate my Nokia E63, so I still gotto hold that phone while I run if I wasn't wearing a pair of bottoms with pockets.


    1. I've never tried the power bars. I've used Clif bars, but I always prefer the real deal..a banana, toast, whatever. I will have to try the power bars. Hope you have a great weekend.

    2. I run with a handheld (which I love) except the pocket isn't big enough for my phone either. I use it for my keys though.

    3. It's amazing how manufacturers don't include a big enough pockets for handheld bottles and for running pants/tops/bras.

    4. Ha that's too funny! I have that same water bottle. I had to practice to learn to use it. In fact the first few runs, I would stop and take the cap off to drink out of it. But now I love it. You can't gulp water from it You have to sip which is better for your belly.

    5. I'm getting better at it now. I have been filling it with water and sipping it around the house to get the hang of it. :)


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