Thursday, June 24, 2010

Back to Back.

Who knew that I would do two 6-milers back to back AND on a treadmill?
I'm stoked!
Total Ran Today: 6 miles in 68:47 minutes.
Total Ran This Month: 42 miles.
Miles Left To Achieve Goal: 8 miles.

After yesterday's rather decent run on the treadmill, I was just a tad ambitious and wanted to bring that back today.  I really liked freezing my water in the freezer and have thirst-quenching iced water throughout my run. I used a wrong bottle today - just a regular plastic water bottle with a cap instead of that sippy nipple thing. So, I was sure to bring a straw with me to the Y. I got set up the way I wanted at the treadmill and realized I had forgotten my earphones. And off I went to the other treadmill room that only has 1 TV but I won't need my earphones to watch the TV.

At the hour, guess what was on? Soap operas, of course. The characters have interesting names. It was quite a drag actually. In fact, when one soap opera was over and another one came on, I didn't even realized they were different programs. I have no clue what happened in either of those - other than one man was found on the ground and he was supposed to be the con artist or something like that.

Random Thoughts?
1. UPS man took about a little over 11 minutes to unload all the packages for this particular gas station that sells Icee.
2. I love Icee and not all gas stations serve the right Icee.
3. UPS man better deliver my package today! I have a pair of shoes (pretty shoes) in transit.
4. I need to measure the windows in the house and get me some curtains.
5. Spaghetti tonight?
6. I'm excited about my 5K race with Judith and Rindy this Saturday.
7. Iced water is sooooooooooo good!
8. One step at a time. One step at a time. You'll get to 6 miles soon.
9. Can't give up. The more you do now, the less you will have left to do later.
10. Soap operas really isn't interesting. The View works better for my easily distracted tendancies.

I hope you have a good run today. And for those folks running the Seattle or any other races this weekend, good luck. Stay hydrated and have fun!


  1. WOW you rock!! This is amazing, two 6 miler in a row is great, but on a treadmill - even more impressive!!!

    As always love your random thoughts!!

    Good luck on your 5k this weekend!

  2. Great job on the six milers, especially without something good on TV! Love the random thoughts!!

  3. Good Luck with your 5K - have a good one!

    2 great sessions on the treadmill!


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