Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fartlek Thursday

Happy Thursday, y'all.

Lazy Bones didn't wake up early for a run this morning. I didn't feel bad at all though. I needed the sleep quite badly. Sitting in workshops and conferences seems to be really putting some stress on my mental capacity. I knew I had to get a run in right after work.

Got home, got dressed and got my rump going.
I did fartleks today.  It wasn't as speedy as I had been once, but I was quite happy. The faster I ran, the more negative thoughts I purged out of my system - so much so that I can't think about what were the negative thoughts now. This is what I call MAGIC.

So I finished the scheduled 3-miler in 30:16 minutes. Basically, I ran at 2-minute intervals, with the resting portion set at about 10:55/mile and the speedier portions set at anywhere between 8:30ish/mile to 9:30ish/mile. I had to stop the treadmill twice for a few seconds to get some sips of water from my bottle.

After the run, I stretched and stretched and also did 30 crunches on the big bouncy ball.

In other matters, I painted my toenails a dark green to camouflage the black toenail I had from last winter.  Well, the nail has a more reddish tint to it than black.

Yes, I know I better keep my day job as a speech-language pathologist because I can't paint my nails properly. See all that spots on my left foot? That's my badge of honor from battling with fireants a few days before July 4th this year. Twelve stings, just in case you were counting. It was an itchy mess and it sure didn't make running fun!

How was your Thursday? Do you have any "battle scars" you would like to share?


  1. today's battle scar: bad golf game after weight training, lunges, and Jamoosh's Thrilling Thirteen

  2. you're a speech language pathologist? love learning that about you! My lil' 4yr old is about to embark on speech, as she can't pronounce any vowels w/the R consonants. she sounds like she's a new yowhker;-)

  3. No battle scars currently, but now I realize I need a pedicure :)

  4. My Thursday pretty much sucked. Friday is coming along much better though :-)


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