Monday, August 23, 2010

There's a silver lining

Have you ever had one of those runs that you know it just is going to suck no matter what?
I had it this morning. It was easy getting up, out of bed, and out the door. But when my feet landed on that treadmill and the I started to press the button to increase the speed, it just sucked from that very first step. I threw in the towel at 1 mile. Pathetic. How did I manage to run 8 on this treadmill is beyond my imagination this morning. This 1 mile seemed never-ending.  I mean, this run was quite uninspiring that I even didn't bother to jot down the time it took me to run it.

I went home, had a good breakfast and didn't even feel bad about it.

BUT .... I went back to the Y after work to tackle the remaining 2. It a much better run. I did an interval sort of thing by increasing the pace by 3 presses on the button after every 2 minutes. It made time pass a little quicker.  I finished 2 miles in 20:30 minutes.  The run was all right and I probably could have run another 1, but I just can't stand the TV show (Bachelor Pad).  I like some brainless tv shows but watching girls degrade themselves, ugh no, thanks.  There is sexy and there is trashy.

Anyway, so, I finished 3 miles today. I guess the bad run this morning helps me appreciate the better runs. So, all in all, it was a good run day!

Ran 45 miles this month. Fifteen more to go.


  1. Congratulations on the run totals - there's been a lot of crappy running lately. It looks like a trend. Lot's of people losing their Mojo etc.

    Keep at it!

  2. too bad about try#1, but congrats about going back. i prolly would not have even attempted to go back.
    good stuff!

  3. Ahh, the treadmill -- it's my nemesis. No matter how short the run, I hate every step! I need to make my peace with it, though, as I'll be starting back to work next week and the mornings are getting darker and darker.

  4. YAY on the run totals!



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