Thursday, August 5, 2010

Week 1 - almost over.

Week One is almost over. Just one long run weekend left and I would have successfully finished Week #1.
So, I decided to skip Hal's plan and stick to the plan I was using before. It is a 9-week plan BUT I tweaked it a little in a way where I inserted a few more shorter longer runs after I hit 11 miles. For example, I run 11-mile one week, 12-mile the next week, and 10 miles the following week. Does it make sense?  Maybe that will help curb injuries?  The plan worked well for me the last time I trained, and I thought, why not do it again? I like how I won't be running more than 2 consecutive days, so that's good news for my legs. Maybe they will get rested well enough to tackle the next run.

But as I have said in earlier posts, I am going to make each training run purposeful. Mondays will be my hills workout day and Wednesdays will be tempo runs. Thursdays will be an easy run and one day in the weekend will be my long run. I also plan on designating Friday to be yoga day where I will whip out my yoga DVD and do some yoga moves. Maybe that will help stretch the muscles out a little before the long run.

Today, I was up at 5 a.m. and I headed right to the Y. I ran the 4 easy miles that was on schedule and finished it in 45:14 minutes. It was all right. I needed some sleep though. But I had to get my run in this morning because I have to go to a visitation at a funeral home later this evening. I won't have time during the day because I am helping the boyfriend at the office today.  I got to get to bed earlier tonight.

Random Thoughts?
Since there had been a bunch of sickness, hospitalization and death in the family, my random thoughts lately have been circling around family and love. Those thoughts make me tear up a little. Life is really fragile. And we do fight hard to keep it all together. Love and sacrificing make living worth it. Don't forget to tell your parents and significant others and children how much you love them. Cherish each day. Love every day.


  1. flexibility is key! good job tweaking the plan to make it more personal.

    im sorry about people close to you being sick and dying. that sucks. :(

    and ur right, we shoul cherish each day!

  2. I tweaked Hal Higdon's plan for my second half in a very similar fashion. The "cutback" weeks help a lot - physically and mentally!

  3. I like that change to your plan

  4. I love your plan! I certainly need to learn how to do more than just run longer distances. I certainly need to learn how to prevent injury. :(


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