Saturday, September 4, 2010

Cherry On Top

Ruth from Running It Off gave me this award.  Thanks Ruth!
The rules are:
1. Answer the question: If you had the chance to go back and change one thing in your life, would you and what would it be?
2. Pick 6 people and give them this award. Make sure to inform the person that they have gotten the award!

I do like my life and I believe all my decisions then, even though they might have not been the smartest, brought me to where I am today. I like who I am today. I like my life. I like my morals. If I had the chance, I would be a better elder sister. My younger brother is 2 years younger than I am. In my late teen years, I believe I was too self-absorbed in my own drama - with friends and boys, and neglected my role to protect and support my younger brother.  There were times where he needed me to be there. But I wasn't. And if I could turn back time, I will be there for him, every single time.

The six people are:
  1. Aneta, who is my virtual run buddy and a rambunctious runner
  2. Andrew, the Running Man Wannabe
  3. Zaneta who probably has some Runner's Luck
  4. Jen over at No One Said It was Easy
  5. Run Momma, Run! who has some cute belly pictures and is running with her baby in her belly.
  6. Pink Girl - a girlie girl runner in Dallas


  1. You were just being a typical teen - I'm sure he understands and are there for him when you can, now. :)

  2. agree with jill! you were being a teen! I have the same guilt w/my own lil' sis. but i realize, that's part of that stage in life.


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