Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Brrrrrrrry Blustery Run

Brrr! The wind was working extra hard this morning, making it colder than it really was.
As usual, I wore a pair of running tights under my pants, a tank top, a long sleeved top and another long sleeve half-zip top, my gloves and a beanie. This outfit actually works well.

Met up with Mr. J and we changed our running route. I just needed a change of scenery. We hit 5 wee inclines. At about mile 5ish where we had only half a mile or so to go, I suggested to extend the run a little. All in all, we ran about 7 miles. My Garmin ran out of juice, so I had to come home and use mapmyrun to determine how many miles we ran. I used the clock at the bank before and after the run to determine the time taken to finish my run.
Ran 7 miles in 1 hour 4 minutes. That's kinda fast though. Maybe it's not real.

I stopped by McDonald's to get some pancakes, came home and made 2 pots of hot tea to warm up.
And now, I'm gonna jump and get me some hot hot shower. Brrrr!

How was your run? What do you like to do to warm up after a cold run?
Do share!


  1. Sounds like a good run! Mine was tough this morning - definitely impacted by too much holiday cheer from last night's party and rain! But at least 6 miles is done - right?

  2. I love some coffee and warm oatmeal after a chilly run. And then the warm shower--pure bliss!

  3. I am with misszippy... a warm shower is the best after a chilly run. I ran Thurs am and it was 21 degrees outside. Running with friends makes it bearable, though. I had 3 people call me crazy... I prefer dedicated :-)

  4. Either hot coffee or tea postrun to warm up, followed by a hot shower! All in all, I MUCH prefer the wintry runs to running in heat and humidity!

  5. WOW, speedy seven miles!!! Pancakes sound so good! I enjoy a warm shower after a cold run, too. GREAT RUN!!!

  6. I never come back cold from running ... I usually am all sweaty, snotty and smelly

    So I usually drink a cold gatorade when I get back from a freezing run

    although I may have to go the McD now - thanks a lot! :(

  7. Good job on getting 7 miles in!! After a cold run I like to take a hot shower, put on some super comfy cloths, spend the rest of the day as a couch potato :)

  8. I'm usually not cold after running. I guess it gets my core temp up. Unless I end up standing outside for a long time afterwards.

  9. I came across your blog because of your comments in the WW-P Java Joggers blog. To answer your question, whether it's blazing hot or icy cold, I always treat myself to a hot coffee after a run. Without coffee, I'd be nuthin', LOL.

    Good job on getting 7 miles in blustery conditions. Yesterday the winds were howling in Kansas, and I just got 2.5 miles done.

  10. Warm shower and hot tea!
    Good job on the 7 miles.

  11. Since I don't live in the artic like you, I don't necessarily need coffee to warm up. Hahaha! But bring on the ice bath and a giant steaming cup of coffee or tea is a must!
    NICE work on the run!


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