Thursday, December 30, 2010

Rewind 2010

The running story began on February 18, 2010.
Reason? No regular person would listen to me talk about pace, mile, fartleks, and Gu flavors.

I set sight on the Little Rock half marathon in March, ran up to about 10 miles on my long runs, and my knee acted up.

My first race of 2010 was a trail run - Kappa Delta 5K Shamrock Run. Fun but difficult.
Time=36 minutes

I set sight on the Nashville Country Music half marathon in April, but the knee was still not cooperating. 

It got too hot to run far and outside. I started a temporary relationship with the treadmill
and did at least 1 long run of 8 miles on the dreadmill. 

Too hot to race long distance. I took part in the Peach Festival 5K in Ruston, LA (the town of my alma mater). It was a fun run and I especially love the peach ice cream at the end!
Finished the run in 32:03 minutes. 
Picture of me, Judith, and Kelsey after the Peach Festival Race at the parade.

Then, I ran another 5K in Dumas, AR called the Ding Dong Daddy 5K.
I actually placed 2nd in AG and PRed in that race with 31:00 minutes.
(disclaimer: it was a small, small, tiny race)

I still wanted to do a half marathon and decided to do one on 10/10/10.
I registered for the Gulf Coast Half Marathon in Louisiana and booked hotel and everything and was ready to run this race like nobody's business. Then, my boyfriend had an accident at work and staying home to take care of him is more important than anything run. He is my family. And family sticks with family. 

The urge to run a half before the end of the year lingers.
I decided for to try for the Soaring Wings half marathon in Conway, AR.
I was having some trouble with the sciatic thingy thing on the back/hip and was worried about not even being able to run it. Thank Goodness! It didn't hurt that badly.
On race day, I adjusted my goals accordingly - from finishing it, to finishing it in 2:45 minutes, to 2:30 minutes. I completed the race feeling like a superstar in 2:31:10.

 I went shopping.
I decided to look like a hobo on any other regular day but look somewhat decent when I run.

An Asics 3050

Brooks Adrenalin 10

And I have a running jacket on its way!

Let's talk goals.
Goal #1: Do three races while I am 30.
I did 4 races (Three 5Ks and 1 half)
Goal #2: Run 1000 miles.

I made this goal in February and adjusted it to 1000 km when I was having troubles with my knee.
And today, 12/30/10, marked the day that I ran all these 1000 km.

I ran 1000 km.
I spent 117 hours and 31 minutes running.
And it was mostly quite fabulous!

Let's talk friends.
I stumbled upon Ms. M, who introduced me to Mr. R and to Mr. J.
I like my running partners.
And most importantly,
I have made some awesome, supportive friends over this blog.
Thank you for reading my blog, for bearing with me when I whine and complain about my run, for dispensing advice when I have no idea what to do and for offering an encouraging word or two.
I probably would have a hard time sticking with this running thing if it weren't for you.

Now, over a glass of bubbly,
tell me one or two or three accomplishments or memorable moment of yours!


  1. Great post. Congrats on your year! Over 600 miles is impressive in my book.

  2. Great year!! You really had a great running start.

    I haven't done a year in review yet for myself. I might do that tomorrow.

  3. What a great year! Happy New Year!!!

  4. A toast to your 2010 (with my morning cup of coffee :) and to a great 2011! Happy New Year!

  5. Great job! Happy New Year - can't wait to see what 2011 brings!

  6. great running year! My goal for 2011 is to run my first half marathon in Pittsburgh this May. Can't wait! Happy New Year :-)

  7. Sounds like a great first year of running! I'll toast you with my cup of coffee (if I'd read this yesterday, it would have been mimosas!). My greatest accomplishment this year was running my first marathon. I'm honestly still in awe that I did it. Happy New Year!

  8. Soaring Wings was my first half marathon too. I came in at pretty close to where you were!


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