Thursday, December 16, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1. Run: 3.26 miles in 40:57 minutes.  First run with Ms. M after her surgery to re-fix her rotater cuff. It was a slow run, but it was the kind of run I needed. We did the local 5K route and took it easy and tried to catch up with news like work, her grandkids, Christmas, diet, running, races and the new puppy. I like a slow run. My right shin felt a little uncomfortable. I felt 10 pounds heavier today. So, slow was good!

2. Puppy Paddy Wag stayed in her kennel last night. I was worried that she might run off into the woods and disappear. But she was in her kennel when I came out to check on her this morning.  I had a good sleep though. When she spent her first 2 nights with me in the house, she woke me up every 2 hours, crying for potty walks.  Smart puppy.  She loves running around and playing with Buttercup.  While the puppy requires quite some attention, I'm aware and conscious of not neglecting Buttercup.  I'll make sure to give Buttercup her treat first and include Buttercup when I play "catch" with Paddy and Buttercup.  Anyway, Paddy enjoys laying on my lap for hours. Whenever I move her a little because my leg is asleep, she would whimper a little. 

3.  Looks like Ms. M and Mr. R will be running this Sunday with me and probably with Mr. J.  I'm looking forward to that.  I really need to start getting serious and start training for my half marathon in February!


  1. Paddy is so cute! *Bite*

    dog lover here! *raises hand* =)

  2. lets make a pact to do at least 1 run and 1 strength training workout together in the new year.

    the puppy is soooo cute!

  3. Good job on getting the run it, better slow than not running at all. I'm glad you had a great time talking to Mrs. M!!! Hope your shins feel better!

  4. Take care of that shin - I agree with Christine better to start slow than not at all

  5. All my runs have been slow lately...but I am just happy to be running!
    Your doing great! =)


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