Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hooked on Race

I am banging my head on my desk now.

I had the Little Rock half marathon on my to-do list. This said race is scheduled to happen on March 6, 2011. 

This was the first half marathon I set my eyes on.
This was the half marathon that I started my training for.
It didn't happened because of my knee injury that set me back for a long time. 
Not happy. I felt immense disappointment.

If you have been following this blog for a while, you would know that I have set my eyes on a few half marathons and even paid for some but didn't make it because of last minute family emergencies and injuries.  So, I got smarter (or so I thought) and decided to adopt a "wait and see" approach.

I thought: I will wait until after RnR Mardi Gras and give it a few days before I register for this Little Rock one. Rationale: I was worried about the sciatica thingy and my knee acting up.
Today, in fact, 10 minutes ago, I thought I would just go ahead and register for it.  Other than some usual aches, I am feeling pretty good after the half on Sunday.

Turns out, registration for the half in Little Rock is closed. CLOSED.

Ouch. My heart S.A.N.K.

To make matters worse, my running friend, Mr. J registered for it because I said I would.  And we had plans to run together.  Now, he is running alone. ARGH! I feel super super bad. ARGH!

Excuse me. I am going to throw up and then, I will go bang my head against the wall again.



  1. Sometimes they have additional spots available during charity. Also, some people trade their bibs, because they can not make it. Check out the website, google it or maybe they have a facebook page. Good luck!!!

  2. Oh no! Maybe you can find another good one around the same time? Stinks you can't run with your friend though.

  3. Sorry...I have been there! So very disappointing! But there is always another race to run! (:

  4. Sorry to hear you cant get into your target race - Its so frustrating when that happens - Congrats on your run at the weekend

  5. That stinks. Big time. Maybe something will open up and you'll sneak in? Wait and see, I guess.

  6. oh no!!! that sucks. im sorry.
    that happened to me with a race or 2 before. its a shitty feeling.
    maybe u can still go out to the race with mr. j and be a spectator or run a bit with him for fun!

  7. Are there any running groups in your neighborhood you could check in with? I know within my little group a lot of times runners drop out and sell their spots. Or craigslist?

  8. Dang it! That sucks! I was going to have this same plan with a half marathon in my college town. But then I saw it is the first time they've had it is filling fast. If I waited until after the Princess Half to see how I feel, I think it will be full already. So now I've registered - and we'll just hope I can be amazing and pull of my first 3 half marathons on 66 days. Yikes!!

    Maybe you can still go and cheer on your friend that will be running it!

  9. That's too bad. I usually use the wait and see approach for race registration because of my kids. Unfortunately it means I've missed out on some races.:(

  10. Oh, no! That does suck :(

    You can always wait till the 12th and come run the Gusher Half in Beaumont with me!


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