Saturday, March 26, 2011

Long Run ... blah!

I am so thankful for my running buddy and I owe him BIG time. 
I don't think he reads my blog. 
My real-life friends don't read my blog, which is good, because I can say whatever I want about them without getting in trouble. 
Or maybe they just don't want to be embarrassed by me? 

Firstly, I was 15 minutes late! 
Imagine that. 
Did I mention he drives to the town I live and I was late.
That kind man waited for me. 

Then we ran. We were at a decent pace - my half marathon pace.
Then, about 2.5 miles into it, I felt something in my knee.
So I walked while letting Mr. J finished the remainder of that one stretch of road. 
When he caught up with me, we ran. 
My knee then got fussier and fussier.  And so we slowed to a walk. 

I am thankful to have a running buddy who is so awesome and thoughtful.
Usually, I try to run longer than 30 minutes with Mr. J to make his driving time more worthwhile.
But today, I just wasn't up to it. 
Yeah, feeling a tinge of guilt, but mostly, feeling very thankful and blessed to have a friend like him. 
Thank you Mr. J. 

Do you have thoughtful running friend?
Share your experiences!


  1. Running friends are the absolute best! Love mine to death. Glad you have a good one.

  2. Boomer is my best running partner, ever! ;)

  3. So funny, several of the blogs I have read today are aobut running buddies and I have NEVER run with anyone, not one single time. Maybe it's a sign I need to try it. Gldd you've found the perfect partner.

  4. That's what I like about the running community, people look out for each other and totally understand when it's time to slow down and still support you. Same happen tome this weekend, my running buddy walked the last mile with me :) We are soo lucky!

  5. i dont usually run with anyone. i have a friend that i sometimes run with, but its very rare. and sometimes the bf runs with me, but thats even more rare.
    it sucks that ur knee is still fussy! im sorry.. try taking a full week off running and just do cross training and yoga and stretching and maybe some walking! i hope ur not injured! good luck

  6. That's a great friend! I always run alone ... but the last two long runs Biker Boy has joined me. It is kind of fun having someone along for the ride, but then I also feel like I start putting a lot more pressure on myself to not suck. Maybe that's a good thing though?


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