Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Filler: Garden Fresh

Just a few random notes.
  1. I haven't been logging in my food intake like I did some weeks back. I stepped on the scale again today and BAM! I am down 5 lbs.  I don't know how. It is frustrating. When I try to be good, eat well and exercise, I'll pile on the pounds. Don't tell me it's muscle weight either. It is not. I know.
  2. I made 2 samosa pies this week. Love samosas but to individually wrap each and every samosa takes too much time. So, I dumped all the filling into a pie crust, topped with another crust and baked it for about 20 minutes until the crust is nice and golden.  Lower in fat too since it is not dunked in grease!
  3. My 2 weeks of rest will be over this weekend.  I guess it is time to really take the legs out for a spin soon. It will be a lot of rebuilding the base again. But I am kinda giddy with excitement!
  4. I went to the grocery store and bought a lot of vegetables. Love fresh, leafy vegetables. Look closely at the wording on that blue twisty thing.
So, at the check-out counter, the cashier fiddled with the wire twisty thing to look for a code.
Didn't find the code.
She pored through her handy dandy cheat sheet. Didn't find it either.
She asked me, "What's this vegetable?"
I said, "Mustard green?"
She said, "It says it's Garden Fresh."
I said, "Oh. Ok."

So, any funny stories at the grocery store?


  1. Love samosas! Would eat them all day if I could :-)

  2. Love the garden fresh comment . . . classic! And, what is in a samosa? Sounds yummy!

  3. Thanks for the samosa info on my post - sounds fabulous!

  4. Haha, the grocery story is too funny!!! It sounds like you bought some nice produce. Congrats on the five pounds. ay your first run back go well!

  5. That "Garden fresh" story is great!!

    I'm jealous of your running break. I never scheduled that in my life this year. :(


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