Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Filler: Who's Got Style?

Leah at Chasing Atalanta tagged me the Stylish Blogger Award.
I'm supposed to share 7 random facts about myself.
  1. I don't have and never had to shave my arms or legs. Blessed or what?
  2. I started wearing glasses when I was in third-grade. I thought I looked fabulous!
  3. I used to run track in high school. 2.4K was the usual distance. I thought I was da bomb!
  4. Once I signed up for the 3000m race for school's race. No one else did. So that was canceled.
  5. I outran a lot of guys in my class. I believe I ran 2.4K in 10 minutes.
  6. Guys in my grade wanted to go on dates with me. I told them "no... unless they can outrun me."
  7. Sometimes when I'm driving behind an 18-wheeler, I imagine driving and crashing into it and wondered what it would be like. 

And now, I'm supposed to tag 7 people.  I'm going to tag the first 7 people who leave a comment on this post.

Happy Friday!


  1. wow u track star! way to go!!! hahhahah

  2. You are so da bomb!
    Don't go trying #7 though k?

  3. Haha, great facts! #6 is my favorite. :)

  4. I imagine driving UNDER the big trucks - not crashing. But hey - that's close!

    *sigh* Lucky you and not shaving your legs!

    I think #6 is so cool!

  5. I will teach my daughter #6!! Haha

  6. #1--Really? JEALOUS!!

    No need to re-tag me! :-)


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