Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Fillers - Royalty, Run, and Random Rambles

You just can't go through today without hearing or commenting about the Royal Wedding. I didn't obsessed about it. I didn't even wake up to watch it. All I did was google searched Kate's dresses. Yes both of them.  I like them. Not stiff. Not uppity. Classy. Yet, it has a certain ease about it.

I drove home and under the carport, I heard birds chirping. Music to my ears.  Every winter/spring time, I purposefully leave boxes and things out and high up so the Carolina wrens (my favorite) can build nests in it and leave their eggs in those boxes.  Today, the baby wrens are up and trying to take flight.  I had to also distract Paddy Wag and neighbor's-dog-but-now-kinda-my-dog away from those wrens. 

I went on a walk/run with Paddy Wag and that neighbor's dog which I named Sammie. Someone please tell me how I can teach Paddy Wag to not drag her momma along! I feel like I am choking her with the leash and collar. ARGH!  Also, she hates bath.  I am out of tricks. Someone tell me how I can teach her to at least not fight with me over baths.  

I ate junk today - half a bag of popcorn for lunch, some veggie chips and tater tots (I love tater tots). For supper tonight, I actually settled for a big bowl of strawberries, grapes and Greek yogurt, drizzled with some agave syrup and two spoonfuls of granola. Yum!

 Gonna try and do another run/walk on Sunday.  Let's get real. It is not easy to rebuild your running base. It's like learning to walk all over again.


  1. Paddy Wag---love the name!
    I'm working on building that running base myself and doing a half assed job of it. No easy task for sure.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. That's so funny - I didn't watch the wedding, either. Just flipped it on to see the dress, then shut it back off to have breakfast. Have a good weekend!

  3. you don't need to tell ME about rebuilding running base. I'm just now running again after 7 weeks off. fitness...lost.

  4. What helps with my dog is to not make his head wet. As long as the head is dry and water warm (not hot) he is ok and doesn't shake. Good luck!!!

  5. No slamming the art of slacking! I think I do it much better than you. You pack so much in, I'd call it "productive". Good luck with your base building. Sometimes the only thing that gets me out for a run is not wanting to start all over again!

  6. I LOVE tots!! They are so yummy!

    My dog drags me, too, but then she gets tired and I have to drag her. Poor girl.


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