Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hogeye Half Marathon - review

#3 is done.

Pre-Race Emotions: 
The night before the race and moments leading up to gun time, I was nervous. If you are friends with me on Facebook, you would know because I made comments about my nerves.  Seriously, it felt like I was going to take a test and not studying for it.  I entertained the thought of not running it just moments before the national anthem was playing.

Registration Pick-up
I picked up my race bib and time chip the morning of the race at about 6 a.m. Being there early has its perks - I get to park really close to the start/finish line. Pick-up was really easy and fast. :)
Pre-Race Fuel 
A Clif bar at about 6 a.m.  

Race Start Time and Start Line
7:30 a.m.  However, I think we started a few minutes later. 
Negative: It wasn't clearly marked. I think it would be better if the organizers have signs designating the different races that were going on that morning - full marathon, half marathon/relays and 5K.  The full marathoners went on first. And then the 5Kers and halfers were lumped together and the volunteers at the start line had to call out the 5Kers and hold them back because it wasn't their turn yet.  It was confusing for the 5Kers. 

Race Route
Fayetteville, AR is really pretty and the route was just wonderful pretty much the entire way.  We ran through the square, and through some neighborhoods and then by the interstate/highway and after that, it was on a trail and next to a creek.  There were some hills but nothing too major. Nothing a positive mind can't conquer. 

Here's what went on during the run/walk.

I started the run with a lot of self doubt.
Never doubt yourself or what you are about to accomplish. NEVER!
I overheard a mother-son team talking to two ladies doing the Galloway-method. I kinda got into the conversation and told them I was going to walk this one cos' of my knee.
But it is hard NOT running it. I had to fight hard to walk it, and even harder to walk at their pace. 
It was kinda weird. At this point, I told them that I am just going to run to the bottom of that hill and walk up it.   See picture -->

My goals were:
a) Finish and get back to the hotel before it's time to check out!
b) Finish in 3:30.
c) Finish in 3:15.
d) Finish in 3:00.

Ran through the University of Arkansas campus.

At this point, I had passed 4 people.
Good. I am not going to be dead last!
Also at this point, I was doing a walk-5-lamp-posts and run-1-lamp-post. 
When I was out of lamp posts, I did drive-ways, mail boxes, trees with white flowers, red cones, tall skinny red cones, red cones with stripes. Just about all kinds of combinations you can think out.

Kinda opposite this flag was Sam's Club.
I remembered I need to buy another 50lb bag of dog food for Paddy Wag.
I miss my dog!
I also remembered telling myself the dang wind was way too strong!
This was over a bridge over an Interstate/highway.
Going up the bridge was made mighty difficult by the strong wind.
Of course, a grain of sand flew right into my eye and I was winking at every single volunteer for a while.
By this time, I had passed about 7 or 8 people.

The route was along a nice creek. Birds were chirping and the you can hear the water streaming down the creek and ducks swimming.  Just so pretty and so relaxing and it makes me happy. Ahhh... I was at ease. The stress and tension and disappointment during the week just floated away.

 I passed another few more people. :)
And I could hear some happy, nice beat music from a far.

This was around mile 7.
There's a group of volunteers all decked out in their costumes cheering on runners.
These guys were offering beer to everyone.
This is where I drank my first beer of 2011.

And moving on to a more scenic and serene section of the race.

I love bridges.

This is actually a rail road bridge thingy.

We went through the trail by the creek for a while, which was nice.
The crowd support was a little random, hit and miss.
But nature's beauty was sufficient.

My knee was beginning to feel the pain at about Mile 9ish.   I had another beer at Mile 10 and walked all the way after that. My knee just won't allow me to lift my leg and run. Walking places some strain on the shins too. I can feel the muscle around it kinda strained.
And my butt. Oh my!

I thought to myself, "running is definitely easier and faster!"   It was particularly painful going downhill.
I found myself just scraping across the concrete because I can't even lift my leg high enough to walk.
I tried stretching some then. It felt good and it was painful too.

I was so close to the finish line. The mind and my legs were so ready to just belt out a good remaining mile or so.  But the knee won't let me. Even at the finish line, I tried running like 5 steps and my knee won't let me.
I walked across the finish line. I was pretty bummed.

For a small sized race, the after-race refreshment was quite plentiful.
Bananas, oranges, bagels, crackers, different kinds of sodas, water, and chocolate milk!

But I have to remind myself that I have completed what I had set out to do.
Even with a crazy knee, I walked it and finished it.
I got done in 3:10:48.37.
Which means, I achieved my goals a, b, and c.
This would be my personal slowest time. But it's ok.
I actually had a pretty good time.
It's all in the attitude and the mindset and your expectations.

You know how we always picture what things/events are going to be?
Well, if you hurt yourself, it helps to have more realistic goals and mental image.
Give yourself plenty of time to readjust those mental images and expectations.
It worked for me this time!

I believe I will be back for this half marathon next time.



  1. Great job, Christina!!! It sounds like you raced smart and had a great time. Congrats on meeting three of your cools and on the sweet bling. The course looks beautiful. Do you usually think about your pups during races? I always thinking of my little boy during the tough parts. I totally love you for having two beers during the race, by the way. :) You're awesome!

  2. Congrats on meeting your goals and the power of positive thinking.

    you need to give that knee some attention now though

  3. You did AWESOME! I'm amazed how mentally strong you ran/walked this race. It was smart to walk and not make things worse with your knees. You should get it checked out!

    I really like the medal :)

  4. Beer during a race?! What a good idea to get through a tough walk. :)

    Now, take it easy! I'm no doctor, but I bet your knee needs rest.

  5. You made it! I am so glad you finished and had a good time. Now rest that knee, girl!!!

  6. love the medal. love the pictures. love the guys that were cheering runners. love that u drank beer!
    love love love!
    great job

  7. Great attitude! I'm glad you made it through - good job! Please take care of your knee!

  8. Good job. I love the medal. I like all the pics. Looks like an interesting course. The beginning did sound unnecessarily confusing.

  9. Awesome! I think it's awesome that you drank beer in a race! I think it's awesome that you found a great race that you want to run in the future and that you've now had a full course preview of. Once you take care of that knee, you'll be ready to tackle that race next year!

  10. Good job!!! Another one in the books. :)

  11. Congratulations! I thought of you a lot during my race yesterday .... when I ended up walking most of it. You are so right - walking does feel harder than running.... but then you try to run and it hurts in its own way. We really are the same person, I'm pretty sure!

    So three 1/2s in the books for you now! That is so cool. Congrats!!

  12. Yay for another race done! Great report and I love the pics!! Congrats =)

  13. Yay for meeting your goals! Yay for believing in yourself! Congrats on a great race and a hard earned cute hog medal! :0)
    Way to GO girly!


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