Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Weird Bird

The humidity is no joke here. The temperature is actually somewhat okay... Not blazing at all, but there's always some form of shade. Running is a tad difficult. It takes quite a bit of self discipline and motivation and quite a lot of balls to brave the humidity.

I woke up, contemplated about running. I'm glad I just went ahead and finished the run. Nothing far, just a short 3.1 miles. That meant a loop around the neighborhood park, a road down to the next neighborhood park and another loop, then down the down to the next park and loop and repeat. There were a few small inclines which made it just a tad challenging.

On my run, I was craving diet Coke (or Coke Zero) with a sprinkle of salt and lots and lots of ice! It must be the lingering colonial-ish from eons ago....Singaporeans just aren't interested in ice. So, I'm the weird bird here, seeking ice. Just yesterday, I went to 7-Eleven, hopeful about getting a Super Big Gulp with ice and diet Coke. I was sorely disappointed. Diet Coke wasn't available.

I had a good time with my momma yesterday. And when she tried to talk about weight/fat/diet, I just told her that she shouldn't talk about that anymore. I know what's essential to being healthful. And yes, I probably could stand to lose a few pounds, but I'm healthy. I can run. I eat. I sleep. And I do them all very well. In fact, these thinner than Kate Moss (Auschwitz looking girls) should be worried about osteoporosis.

I'm off to lunch with my best friend and my momma.
I haven't been reading much of blogs or posting many pic because of accessibility.
Will post again.

P.s.: I'm kinda stoked about Sunday. Think I'll have plans to meet a friend for a run/walk/catch up session.


  1. I'm proud of you for braving the humidity!!! Great job! :) Wow, good for you for saying something to your mom. I know that had to be really tough to do. Hopefully she'll listen. How did you feel after asking her to stop? You are so strong, Christina!!!

  2. Blech humidity is the worst!

    Good for you for telling your mom to zip it.

  3. Good for you for saying something to your mom about the fat talk. I'm sure it was hard to do, but I'm glad you got it out there. Keep enjoying your visit!

  4. No Diet Coke there? I'd be a walking wasteland!! Ha. Hope you're having a total blast!

  5. its ok to be the weird bird. be a proud weird bird.

    i could so go for a coke zero right now!

    and did u read my post.its for u! or at least its about me with a similar experience to what u r going through (except not family)


  6. I would die without DC or Coke Zero.

    Good for you for telling your mom to zip it!

    And for running in that humidity. UGH!

  7. I'm glad you said something and hopefully put a stop to the food/weight talk! Hopefully everybody will back off.

    No ice - I'm not sure how I'd handle that. I don't use it at home, but at a restaurant or store it is essential!

  8. No diet coke? Yikes! Hope you have fun on Sunday!

  9. I crave Diet Coke at times too.

  10. Good for you to speak up!!! :) I hear you on humid runs, I tried this morning and gave up after 2.5 miles :(

  11. in ur last comment to me, u sound so much better!

    my bf also loves my booty! hahhaha love it!!

    come home soon! (u know what i mean! hahhahah)


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