Friday, July 1, 2011

Tell me why...

Hey blogging friends,
Please tell me why my left foot is experiencing a tingling sensation? The sole is numbing and tingly and the back of my foot (kinda below the Archilles tendon) is numby and tingly too. My right foot is feeling somewhat like that too. Please advise.


  1. Hmm..i'm not sure what would be causing that? Hopefully someone has an idea!

  2. I get some tingles from time to time, but usually it has to do with me tying my laces funny :)

  3. Hmm...that sounds wierd. How long has it been like that? Are you hydrating well?

  4. How are your shoes feeling? Need new ones?

  5. My shoes are new. Less than 100 miles on them.
    I haven't been running much.... Maybe that's running withdrawals?
    It was like this late May on the back of my right foot. And it started back again sometime this week. I haven't been running much, so hydration isn't a bug issue, or is it?

  6. Mine burns at the back of my right heel. I've cut my mileage down & have new shoes. I'm hoping you find out what's going on.

  7. Clearly you ate one of those puffy fish, what the heck are they called? a Blowfish? Yes, that's what you did.

    Okay - I have nothing. No idea.

  8. Do you have shin splints? If so, read on! I sometimes have a numbing/tingling sensation in one or both of my feet only when I'm running - usually at the beginning of my run (first 1 - 3 miles). After much research, I found a correlation with another condition that I had at the same time - shin splints (interior). I have tight calves, and tight calves pull on my shins causing shin splints. When you run, the pressure in your blood vessels increases to deliver more oxygen to your cells so your body can continue to exercise. But with shin splints, these vessels can become constricted due to swelling (from shin splints). This causes the numbing/tingling sensation. I've found if I start slow and get in a good warm-up mile, I can usually avoid or significantly reduce the numbing sensation from occurring. I have read other causes to this numbing sensation as well, but this was my issue. Hopefully this helps!

  9. Kimberly is a walking library :) I hope her information willl help you feel better very soon. Btw, she is my running buddy and is originally from AK as well!! :)

  10. maybe it misses america??

    maybe something to do with nutrition and not getting enough of something. increase your vitamin intake for a while and see how it goes. sometimes i get bad toe cramps, and i think it has to do with nurtirion. or circulation.
    ice, just in case. and maybe rest?
    otherwise, if it continues and happens ofter, go see a doctor.
    but hopefully it will go away on its own.


  11. Uck. Usually I find it's a shoe thing whenever there's problems with the feet.


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