Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ronda Rae-inspired!

Random stuff, people.

Inspired by Ronda Rae, I ran a 4:1 interval kinda run today on the treadmill.
Thirty minutes of 4 minutes hard running and 1 minute of walking allowed me to cover 2.87 miles.
I'm happy, especially since I have had quite some blah blah blah runs lately.

Inspired by Ronda Rae again, I took a picture of my toe (she took a pic of her finger).

My boyfriend and I picked pecans this weekend and I stumbled upon a mound of fire ants. My toes are the slim-mest part of my body but now, it is poofy and chunky.

Hate it when the ants sting between the toes because I felt every single rub when I was running earlier. It was a great distraction. But still, I am ready for them to go away.

Tomorrow marks 2 weeks of not chewing gum. I am so not keeping count. Am I?

I got called a "punk" (amongst other ugly names) by a preschooler after this said child threw blocks and swept paper off the desk and I had to ask him to sit in his "calm down" chair.


  1. Okay, you are so brave to post a picture of your puffy toe! But then my finger is pretty gross, too ... Twins! :) And we're having a birthday!! Maybe by the time we have our big day our body parts will be back to normal!

    When I was little it was cool to be a "punk rocker". We even had punk rocker dress up day in 1st or 2nd grade!

    I'm chewing gum right now. I must be the rebellious twin! ;)

  2. Well you punk why are you interfering with his good time! I wish someone would ask me to sit in a calm down chair. Work has been very hectic.

  3. OUCH!!! Your toe looks very itchy, I hope you feel better.

    I'm proud of you for staying so calm with the kid, I really wonder how people handle situations like that!! Dealing with people (especially at work) is my biggest weakness, I feel I never handle any situation right. You are doing awesome!!

  4. I'd love some time in the calm down chair. That sounds amazing.
    Great run, punk!

  5. Preschoolers are all punks! Haha. Hope the calm down chair helped him regroup. With little ones like that one, using the back door to get what you want works great...they often won't do when asked directly but will if given choices or feel some ownership in the decision-making.

    I really liked my first round of intervals. I am doing 1/2 mile super fast then 2 mins of recovery, 6 times. It really made the run go by faster, and I think you burn more calories when you do intervals.

    Hope the toes heal quickly :)

  6. ouch! fire ant stings are no good. :-(

  7. Your poor toe!!! Ouch!!!

    And I had to give up gum for about 18 months when I had invisalign braces, then full-time retainer wearage... It was terrible. The instant I could chew gum again, I was like a junkie. I try not to chew it all day long, but I love my gum. For sure.


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