Saturday, October 1, 2011

Tally and Paddy

Adios September. Hola October.  

Daily Mile keeps me honest with  myself.
As a consolation, at least I am not running less than last month.

I don't know what is with me. The running mojo hasn't been around since the last long run.  Last week's run with my running friend helped some. But running long miles alone seems rather "hmm... bleh.... uhmmmm."

I was at the gym on Friday afternoon to run a long run (like a 9 or 10 miler.)  I didn't have enough time. I got in 4 and I quit. In fact, I was treadmill-hopping. Ran 2 on one. Ran another 2 on a second treadmill. It was hot. And teenage dudes bragging about weights and lifting and grunting make me go "ARGH!"
So I left.  (It was 4 miles total in 43:46 minutes)

I am really looking forward to November/December when I get my treadmill.  It will be on my schedule. My run. Right???

Today, I spent some quality time with my Paddy Wag. She is smart. She found the best nook in the whole wide world to lay her head.

Thought I'd share pictures of our new abode here. Like I say, we are rolling and grooving to 70s wood paneling in this house.
View is from kitchen to the living room area.
(Yes. We are a no-TV household, by choice).
For all of you who are also decorating mavens, tell me what I can do to brighten this room up
(we cannot paint the wood paneling).

Here is a view from the living room to the kitchen.
Pardon those boxes.
I am still working on unpacking and putting things away.

For October, I will run more than 44 miles.
That's it. Really.


  1. Long runs alone can be pretty blah...I had to do 22 last Monday alone and it seemed so much longer with no one to chat with.
    I love that you are a "no TV household"! If I had my way we would be too .:)

  2. I know you have your half coming up at the end of this month, so your mileage will be up. Not much longer!!

  3. is your missing running mojo related to running on a treadmill vs outside?

    oh, and my first house had wood paneling. never did quite figure out how to brighten it up. just sort of went with it...

  4. I think the new abode is beautiful!!! Good job!

    As for the running mojo, I found that it would wane when my head wasn't really in it. Maybe take a couple days off to give yourself a break and let yourself get excited about it again.

  5. Cool new house! Can you hang a light picture with a white or light-colored frame on the wall in the first house picture?

    Paddy is a sweetie. :)

    October is your month!! You can totally run 50 miles this month.

  6. I hate it when the running mojo's hoping yours comes back soon!

    Hope you're enjoying the new house!

  7. You convinced me to check out my own Daily Mile stats... they pretty much suck! I need to step up my game a little here!

    Your house looks awesome!!! I love the whole retro feel of it all!!! You need some lava lamps now!

  8. I love your dining room set! Is it mission style?
    I keep forgetting to upload my runs...but I am doing a FANTASTIC job of talking myself out of running or pushing my running to the end of the week.


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