Saturday, December 17, 2011

Friday Night Fun.

Gone are those Friday nights where I hung out in bars drinking and dancing.
Tonight, I was home, all decked out in my running gear, and rocking it out on the treadmill with an episode of Sister Wives (I have never watched this show before and I got it to stream from Netflix while I ran. Ugh).

I hit the preset workout button for 5 miles and just went along. It starts off with a warm-up and then, it slowly ramps it up to 6mph and then to 6.5mph and at various inclines.  Now, I would never have done all that tweaking during my run because I am lazy and I don't want to mess with pressing the buttons when I run. So this automatic, never-know-what-to-expect-preset mode was great! I just put one foot in front of another and kept going. Sometimes I had to slow it down/stop to have a sip of water.  But I didn't care about time. I just wanted to run the miles. And it has been a while since I ran 5 miles. :)

It was a really slow, good run. Five miles in 1 hour. Not exactly fast, but it definitely did wonders for the mind.

I am off to take a shower and I am going to make myself a hot cup of tea with milk and a cookie. :)

Christmas break is officially here for me!


  1. I see you are in love with your treadmill!! Me too :) I never did those preset workouts, I think I will try one next time :)

  2. Great job on your 5 miles! I like the preset workouts sometimes too, just to not have to think about anything!


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