Monday, December 26, 2011

Pictorial Review of 2011

These are the half marathon races I have completed in 2011. 

I also did some running around the world in 2011. 
I visited with my family and best friend in Singapore.
My best friend and her sister. 

My cousins at my parents' house. 

My dad, mom, and brother.

From Singapore, I went to Japan with my best friend and had a blast! 
Driving around Tokyo. 

At Izu Peninsula
One of the many waterfalls we saw. 

 It was a sad day for me in July when Buttercup was put down to sleep. 
We ran many miles together and she would always stay close by me, never on a leash. 
Sweet dog. Paddy Wag and I miss you. 

Somewhere in late September, early October, we moved. 

I don't know anything about buying stocks and shares.
However, I know a thing or two about personal investments.   
New braces and a treadmill. 

Valuable Lessons Learned. 
 I love Paddy Wag, even though she is going through the Terrible Twos phase at 1-year-old. 

One Lean Cuisine is NEVER enough. 

Planning and penciling it down is IMPORTANT! 

And I can do 10 miles on the treadmill if I set my mind to it! 
I'm almost a half of Run EMZ!!! 

Also, please remember to send in pictures of yourself for the
Dashing Through the Snow post. You know, if you ran/walked some on Christmas Day, email me about it. :) I am working on the post and would like it to be up in the next few days.

Tell me something about your 2011. What did you learn? What was the most difficult thing you had to do? What great awesome races did you run?


  1. Love the pics! What a nice way to remember the year. I did not run on Christmas Day as planned :-( Maybe a New Years Day run if the ol' ankle is feeling it.

  2. 2011 seems like it went by in a flash. Started off with high miles, good races... then my grandma passed away, we moved offices at work, and everything slooooowed down. But I'm back in the groove and feeling like it was a great year overall. :)

  3. Confession: I didn't run on Christmas day :( However I played a lot of Xbox Kinect and I'm really sore! LOL

    On Christmas Eve I did some interval training with my BF's little nephew. We ran from our mailbox to the neighbor's and walked back. We did this at least 10 times. He is 4 years old - you gotta train them early :) It was fun!!

  4. I ran! Can I still get in on this!? I ran 6 miles over the river and through the woods! I did not take any photos of me, but I took some of my running trail!

  5. Look at your year! A lot of stuff happened - good and sad. :(

    I had a blat in 2011. It was such a roller coaster, but in the end I think it all made me stronger (physically and mentally.) Now we just have to find some race we can both do so the twins can actually meet up in person!

  6. What an exciting year! Hope your 2012 is even better!


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