Monday, January 2, 2012

Goals for 2012

I came up with a slew of resolutions last year and I didn't achieve many of them. This makes me dubious about setting another slew of goals for this year. I feel like a politician when I don't deliver what I had promised.

I have been asking myself what I want out of 2012. Just general big, overall goals for now and then plan on making small steps to achieve those goals throughout the year. It is all about the baby steps, right?


  1. Run 1000 km and/or 1000 miles in 2012
  2. Be Injury free
  3. Run a real official 10K race
  4. Run a half marathon where I'll PR (not by a few seconds, but by minutes)
  5. Move 15 minutes everyday

  1. Get into a shape where I feel confident and strong. 
  2. Work toward being a kinder, more graceful, patient, more positive person. 
  3. Embrace change/new experiences 

  1. Cook more. Feed our bodies with nutritious food. 
  2. Be a better mommy to Paddy Wag
  3. Make this current house more "home"
  4. Serve the family - my own family and my boyfriend's family

My blog has always been mainly about running with snippets into my life out in the country.  It will most likely be the same but I will be more mindful about documenting the other aspects of my life and not feel like I am deviating from the running aspect of it.  

This week I am aiming for:
1. Running 20 miles
2. My 15 minutes of move everyday
3. Help a family member with a "thing" 
4. Tackle the study


  1. I love your goals and the idea of including other aspects of your life! Looking forward to it!

  2. I like your mini goals for the week. I've got a few of those in mind as well!

  3. I am going to blog more about other aspects of my life too. Good luck with your goals!

  4. Great goals, Christina! Remember that you set resolutions/goals for YOU, not for us. Don't feel like you're not delivering! If having goals makes you strive to do better, achieve more, then having goals is worth it.

    I'm still hoping we can run a half marathon or a marathon together someday!!

  5. these are great goals. good luck Christina! i know you can do it!

  6. I like how you broke the goals into smaller ones for each week.


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