Monday, January 16, 2012

My Running Loves Yoga

Saturday was absolutely fantastic.
I ran not only 8 miles but 8.5 miles. And I didn't get a headache after the run (which means I drank enough fluids and didn't get dehydrated).
Knees felt good.
My bottoms are a tad tight, especially the sciatica area, the ankles are tired.

Sunday called for three easy miles.
The sciatica area acted a little funky.
I expected some kind of soreness since the weekly mileage was a lot higher.
I decided to take Monday's rest day on Sunday, and run Sunday's 3 miles on Monday.
I also helped the boyfriend at work.
While I didn't get my 3-mile in, I definitely got more than 15 minutes of move.

We had a helper, but she was loafing around.
But I got to spend a lot of time with her.

Looks like I wasn't doing much work either.
Pardon my "braces smile." It's hard to smile with those braces.

When Paddy Wag and I got home, she got on the floor and did a very nice downward dog.
What do you know?
I got INSPIRED by a dog!
I got my mat out and did almost 45 minutes of yoga.
I started with a series of dragon poses on YouTube.
And another few more by her.
My sciatica and hip area aren't as tight or as achy as it was after that.

Goody bag came in this morning.
There is a reason why the higher power told me to take a rest day yesterday and run today. 
Just so I can run 3 miles in my fancy Lululemon capris today.
Heck yeah!
I will be running 3 miles later today!


  1. Enjoy your new capris! Have fun with your 3 miles. :)

  2. Love Lululemon! Glad the yoga's helping!

  3. OOooohh I love lululemon! Im starting a new yoga class & I want something new to wear. I need to go shopping!

  4. Great decision to switch Sunday with Monday! And on top yoga! You are doing awesome with your training and I'm sure it will pay off with a healthy, speedy body! :) Paddy Wag is the cutest :)


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