Friday, December 30, 2011

Potty Training On The Treadmill

I like Wheel of Fortune and have been trying to come up with post titles 
using the "Before and After" category.  

I am weird and I have issues to get over with. I was up early (that's like 9 a.m., people. I love Christmas break and no-kids) and I was dying to run on the treadmill. But I didn't because the boyfriend was still in the house. I don't want to run with him looking at me. At the Y, everyone sees me run. But no, I find it weird for the boyfriend to see me run. 

Anyway, here's the low-down.

Something was wrong with the Internet because I had a hard time streaming movies from Netflix 
onto my computer. (We don't have TV at our house - by choice). 
So, I was trying to read and scroll news from web sites.  
I felt pretty good actually and can definitely go a little further than 3 miles. 
But it wasn't easy to keep running without something visually distracting. 
Lesson learned. Be sure to have DVDs handy. 

After my run, I walked Paddy Wag around for a little while. 
We are working on toileting on command. 
Fellow blogger, Kristan over at I will Tri  has taught her kitty to use the potty - like the real human potty. 
So maybe, training Paddy to stinky and twinkle on command outside in the woods isn't going to be a difficult thing? 
What's up in the next post? 
I have my treadmill review post due soon. 
I cannot wait to share with you what I thought of my el cheapo treadmill. 
Stay tune!


  1. Whoa! I want to teach my cat to use a real human potty!! How handy would that be?!?!

  2. I recently bought a treadmill! So I can still get a workout in with these rough Southern California winters. It hangs out in the garage. IT is mind numbingly boring but hubby set me up with old episodes of Scrubs.... But NetFlix. I gotta try that. I've been holding out for some reason.

    Good luck with the potty on command thing! My dog does but we let her choose which type. But I wonder if I could train her to stinky or twinkle on command.

  3. I used to be able to run on the TM with no entertainment. Now I always need music to keep me going! Hate when hubby watches me run too...

  4. I have to have something to look at on the treadmill, but I think I'd be sick trying to read.
    I wish I had potty trained my dog Pumpkin to only do #2 in one part of our backyard. It would make clean up so much easier!

  5. NO TV? You are my hero!!! Did you make this choice in order to limit your time wasting in front of it? I could not imagine, but wish I could.

  6. Fireball has been resistant once the holes were opened in the toilet seat insert. It seems like he likes to be able to cover his poop. Sigh. Animals seem to have their own agenda :-)


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