Friday, February 3, 2012

Food + Push-Ups + Runs + Teeth. Oh My!


I made quite a lot of unhealthy food choices today.
I took a day off from work, and was on the road with my boyfriend delivering furniture.
Pizza from Sam's Club.
Sour gummi bears from gas station.
Also had an ice cream cone.
I got home and got to running on the treadmill.
Total: 3.5 miles.
Ran 8 x 400 at 6 mph. Recovery @ 5 mph for 0.05 mile.
But it was a speedy workout. Did 0.5 mile warm-up and some to cool-down after.

20 push-ups. Goodness gracious sweet twinkle stars! I wasn't even sure if this could be considered a push-up but really, this was all I could do. And my arms were feeling the burn. Golly. I have absolutely NO upper body strength. At the end of this month's push-up challenge, I can only hope I am strong enough to do the non-whimpy lame push-ups and have progressed to semi-real push-ups.
Blogger is not letting me upload an YouTube video. But go to YouTube and type "Vision Runner Counter Push-Ups."

3 mile run (34 minutes). Ran early this morning. Which was good to get it out of the way.
20 push-ups. Oh my stars. I am still sore from yesterday. Apparently, my so-called lame, whimpy push-ups weren't so lame afterall. These counter push-ups are great. I do 10 when I was waiting for my lunch to get ready and did another 10 when I was waiting for my bread to knead in the Kitchenaid mixer.

Lunch was a Morning Star Chik patty, on those thin bread, and spinach. I also spread some hummus.
It may look blah, but it was tasty and satisfying.

 And in the evening, I decided to make bread again.
Flour, milk, water, yeast, sugar, salt and butter. And love.
Simple ingredients.

Bread + Butter = Perfect Match Made in Heaven.
Needless to say, that's all I ate for supper.
Who wouldn't?

Just for fun and because I am excited at the progress.
Look at my teeth!
Specifically the top lateral incisor that's on the left in the pictures before.
Picture on left is the very day I first had my braces on in November 2011.
Picture on the right is February 2012.

I have a long run again tomorrow.
Wish me luck!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the counter push ups. What a great idea!!!! I will try them too :) Amazing how your teeth improved! Go kick some butt today! :) I'm heading out now for my 10 miler :)

  2. Oh no. Now I want to make bread. Do you have to have a bread maker...or can it just go in the oven?
    I see a huge difference in your teeth..that's so exciting!

    1. I didn't use a bread maker. It went into the oven after it had risen.

  3. nice progress on the teeth.

    homemade bread with butter....yummmmmm

  4. Good luck with the long run! Your teeth are looking great... how long are you going to have the braces?

    1. The orthodontist said 2 years. And I'm three months in. :)

  5. Your bread looks GOOD!!! Good luck on your run! I hope it goes/went well. :)

  6. Hope your run went well! These push-up are killing me ;) Gotta try the counter push-ups. We'll be strong by month's end!

  7. I love those chicken patties! Well not chicken but you get it.


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