Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Of Laying Hen and Dog and Food

Tuesday: Ran 3 miles
Wednesday: Ran 2 miles. Push-ups: 10+10+5
Both runs were ran wearing my newest running shoe. I am trying to "break into it."

A co-worker gave me these from her chicken house.
And yes, some of those eggs are kinda blue-ish and yellow-ish. 
Just a different kind of hen that lay a different kind of egg.
Will eat them tomorrow and let you know if they all taste the same.

I came home from work and took my Paddy Wag for a walk. 
I think she is happy.

After my run, I assembled a pizza for the boyfriend.
Got a store-bought crust and pizza sauce. 
Layer the ingredients. 
Pepperoni. Mushrooms. Anchovies. 
It definitely was packed full of flavor with not quite as much grease.
I used extra sharp cheddar - the stronger the cheese, the less you'll need, which means, less fat.

That was his supper. 
I, on the other hand, preferred something else.
Yellow honeydew. 
Greek yogurt.
Simple. Clean. Delicious. 

Do you fix one dish for your loved ones and a different dish for yourself? 
I don't always do this because I am easy-going when it comes to food and The Boyfriend is willing to try most of everything. But sometimes, I'll fix him pizza (his absolute favorite) and I will fix something that I'll like (or my diet allows).  


  1. Paddy Wag is sooo cute!!! ;)

    We never cook different things, we both eat almost everything :)

  2. Your dog is ADORABLE!! Look at that smile!!!

    The Boyfriend and I will eat the same thing, but we almost always have to make something different for the Kid...but at least the kiddo will try things, even if he ends up not liking them. :)

  3. My sister used to have chickens and I get fresh eggs all the time. I loved them.

    Paddy Wag looks super sweet. My husband can be a bit of a whiner but I only cook one meal, if he doesn't want to eat it he needs to find his own food. I am mean like that :)

  4. im making homemade pizza on friday night!

  5. D never cooks separate things. He might leave something out until the end if he knows I don't like it.

    Love Paddy Wag!

  6. Paddy Wag is cute!

    We used to have chickens and I always thought their eggs tasted better than store bought eggs.

  7. Yeah, I do different dishes sometimes. Why not?


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