Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Upping My Challenge

Activity for Today
Ran: 2 miles in 21:59 minutes.  The run sucked! Maybe my nutrition is funky today. But it is really only 2 miles and I don't think nutrition has much to do with it.  Maybe it is because of me standing in heels all day? I am beginning to see that whenever I wear heels, my knees get tired or wonky. :( Definitely a thing to consider. 

Push-Ups: 10 counter push-ups in the morning in the bathroom before jumping into the shower. 20 counter push-ups in the kitchen waiting for food to get heated up.
Total Push-Up to Date = 100

Overall, the push-up challenge has been a challenge. I love the convenience of it. And it made me realize that sneaking a quick strength booster doesn't take the entire gym.  Yes, it is true that I am doing counter push-ups instead of a more "real" push-up, but this is what my puny weak little arms can do right now. Also, I really tried to step as far away from the counter and also, to keep my body straight. The form is there. This week, I want to gradually do push-ups on an exercise ball to bump the challenge up a notch.

I was driving to work and love how the sun shone into my eyes and onto my face.

Look what came in the mail today?
New shoes!
Ripped the box opened, threw my old shoes out, and get these new babies on. 
They are a pair of Clarks and weren't too expensive. 
I like the heel which was a little more substantial than a stiletto. 
And I like how it isn't pointy like you can smush a roach in the corner of the room. 

And I have more goodies in the mail! 
Wooo Hooo!
It's like it's Christmas all over again.
QUESTIONS for you: Do you wear heels? Do heels bother your knees?
Talk to me.


  1. I don't wear heels. I think those are some cute shoes though!

  2. cute shoes!!! love em!

    and yay for being sneaky! great job of getting those push ups in.
    i desperately need to do mine!

  3. I don't wear heels often. They hurt the arch of my foot more than my knees.

  4. Those are cute shoes! I like the color a lot. I have a lot of heels but I don't dress up as much as I used to so I don't wear them often but I still love them!

  5. Cute shoes! I don't wear heels much anymore - as Suzanne said, I don't get dressed up as much as I use to.

    You are so right - this push-up challenge is a tough one!

  6. Yeah! You did it! 100 push-ups in 1 week :) Love your shoes! I hardly wear heels, especially during marathon training I don't wear them. I always get tight calves if I do.

  7. Love those shoes! They are amazing!!

    I usually wear low heels...my problem is the balls of my feet get sore easily...so high heels for long periods of time are out of the question, sadly! I love a cute pair of shoes!

  8. I never wear heels anymore but they look so cute!


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