Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Break Edition

Hey y'all!

My spring break is almost over and that makes me very sad.
Time has never passed so quickly before. I literally slept through my break. I wake up for meals and roll back in bed and sleep again. I probably sleep for 14 hours each day and it was GREAT! Thank goodness I don't have kids or have to be responsible for anyone.

Yesterday, I drove to Louisiana at 6:30 a.m. to sit in class. I had contacted my former professor and asked if I could sit in class for a little to get re-inspired and to refresh my memory. It was good. I got in my favorite seat, sat in class from 9:30 till 1:00 p.m. and loved every minute of it. I learned that I am doing a lot of what was taught. And I also remembered what else I could do. When the other kids posed questions, I answered in my head and they were appropriate answers.

I spent a good deal of my awake moments at a hospital visiting my boyfriend's uncle. He passed away and tonight, we had a fish fry celebrating his life. Uncle J has dreams and he worked and lived his dreams. Material goods were never important, family and love were. He loved and he loved patiently, dutifully, honorably. Live your dreams. Love hard.

I finally hopped onto the treadmill today. I haven't felt like I was up to it but today, I was determined to. I didn't go far. Just 2.5 miles in 35:45 minutes. I did a 2:2 ratio. I was breathless a lot and had to take it easy some. But I plodded through the intended 2 miles and then walked the remaining 0.5.

Tomorrow, I have plans to clean and purge. We'll see!


  1. I miss having a spring break!

    Sorry about your boyfriends uncle.

    Enjoy the rest of your break!

  2. Sounds like you've had a nice, relaxing spring break week. Glad to hear you're enjoying it. :)

  3. Yay for spring is too bad it has to end!! :(

  4. i wish i had spring break!

    its too bad your is ending. sounds like you had a lovely time!


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