Thursday, March 8, 2012

Three Things Thursdays

1. I promise I am working on my race report and should have it up in a few days. Life's full of changes (pleasant) and I am trying to get things squared away as possible.  

2. I ran 2 miles today on the treadmill cos' I just felt like it. Easy miles though. And they were good.
After which, I did 2 minutes of planks.

3. I have been tired. So dead tired.

Sorry, this seems to be a lame post.
The race report will be here :)
Now, I need to go sleep.

Good night!


  1. In your case the being tired is a good thing, I guess :) You know those are symptoms for something you are planning :)

  2. yay for good life changes! Hope you get rested up..and get that race report posted :)

  3. Rest up! We'll be here awaiting the RR when you're ready.:)


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