Thursday, August 30, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1. Rain. Lots of rain. Wind. Mighty strong winds. Issac is dumping us with lots of rain. Much needed rain. Nothing severe. Just another rainy dark gloomy day. I actually like it. I love it when it rains in the evening/night - when I don't have to be outside, and all I have to do is stay indoor and relax. Rainy days make me calm and relaxed.

2. The belly is causing me some pain in my lower back/sciatica. While I love sporting this baby bump and be as one with the baby, I can't help not liking the aches and pains, and the inconvenience associated with the big belly. I seemed to drop a lot of food on my belly these days. I can't wear my pants without some kind of help or manuever to get my leg into the pants. I literally roll out of bed these days too. And even tossing and turning is kinda difficult.  I know all these complaints will be nothing compared to holding that precious baby in my arms.

3. Workout wise - I am doing ok. I haven't skipped at all this week, even though I did scale the mileage down a little either due to the aches or because I overslept and didn't have time to finish the 2 miles planned for that workout session.  Hopefully, I can cover some additional miles over the next few days to put my weekly mileage at 10 miles.

What about you? What's working for you this week? What's not working for you this week?


  1. Oh the rain.....can't wait for it to stop! Yea for you and the workouts!!! Good job! I am having to work off the calories I put on during the hurricane and being stuck inside. Erica

  2. Good job on working out despite your pain! You are my pregnancy hero :) Be safe!!

  3. I agree with dreambig, you are my pregnancy hero! I have only walked 1 day this week and it was a measly 1.5 miles! Plus, this weekend I am working so probably won't get in a 6 miler. And I am not in pain...yet...

  4. You've been doing great with your workouts!! Enjoy the weekend!


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