Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lately ...

Here's a photo dump of what's happening lately.

The baby bag for the hospital is packed. 
Mine is almost packed. 
We have about 2 weeks left. 
This stuff is getting real. 

I made some bomb-tas-tic potato soup.
I love fall.
I love cool days.
I love stick to the bone good soup!
At a speech pathology conference to get my continuing ed hours.
Baby C was squirming constantly during all the presentations.
Here is the binder and Baby C.
First day was awesome. The presenter was engaging and I learned a lot.
The second day, ugh, I felt kinda "under the weather." My back was aching. 
I ordered some food via Pei Wei's online ordering service. 
I love it. 
Here's waiting for my food to be ready.
My fortune cookie.
How apt? 

Fitness wise, I am definitely not doing much anymore. 
I walked a block from the parking garage to the convention center today and man, I was tuckered out! 
The extra weight on the belly is doing a BIG number on my back.
It feels like my legs can't support the overall weight of my belly either. 
Anyway, instead of walking miles on the treadmill, I just try to move around - up and down the hallway etc. 
I guess I am at the so-called miserable final stretch now. 


  1. Final stretch! You've done wonderfully for the entire pregnancy. Rest up for the work ahead. You'll need it!

  2. its soo soon! enjoy these last few days and get LOTS of sleep!


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