Friday, March 25, 2016


It has been a long time, hasn't it.
Some one year and a few months.
What have I been up to?
Being a wife.
Being a mom.
Being a speech-language pathologist.
Navigating through my fitness journey.

It was weird being here without any running stories.
Without any fitness stories. Really. It took me a good while to get a fitness routine down.
I have it. I have been at it since December 2015.
I wasn't going to wait until the New Year. And now, almost finishing March, and I am still at it.
I feel strong. I feel healthy. I feel good. I feel energized.

Lil' Man dying Easter eggs

I miss y'all. I reminisce about my running days and my virtual running friends.
I scaled back running to something my body can tolerate. I don't feel "guilty" anymore about doing that. I'll do what I need to keep my body healthful and working.

Can't wait to rekindle old friendships. 


  1. You know what? It is weird being on my blog without running stories too! I miss it and I've tried to get my running back but it just isn't there. But I kinda don't feel guilty anymore either! Glad to see an update from you!!!

    1. I know. Especially when the blog says "lace it up and run" ... hmmm... if i am not running .... does it qualify to be it?

  2. Your son is so big!!!
    Welcome back.

    I'm on a hiatus from running although I hope I can get back at it.

    1. Hey! I know. He is growing like a weed!!!
      I am trying to catch up and see what I have been missing :)


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