Saturday, April 2, 2016

Non-Scale Victories

Let's talk about non-scale victories. 
I think a lot of us are locked into the mindset that the number on the scale is the determinant factor if we succeed or fail at our weight-loss/fitness journey.

  • "Yes! Lost 2 lbs!!"
  • "Oh no! I sucked! I gained 2 oz." 
We need to move beyond that because we know that anyone can go to the bathroom and poop and lose 2 lbs. Right?? 

We need to make goals that are solid and not based on THAT number on THAT scale. I am not suggesting you throw out your scale. I like to keep it around to boost my ego. I do have a love/hate relationship with that thing. 

  • How does your clothes fit? Looser? Tighter? Muffin top not as pronounced?
  • One less fat roll ?? 
  • Being able to plank for 1 whole minute 
  • Lifting heavier weight
  • Running faster/longer/negative splits 
  • Being able to quit hovering over that pan of chocolate cake
I have a few non-scale victories this week. 
  1. My step-MIL commented that she needs to go buy some size 6 pants for me. She gifted me black pants since my son was born every Christmas because that's something I would wear and I wouldn't spend that money on myself. We started off with Size 12. 
  2. I gave away all the Size 12s pants in my closet. 
  3. My husband commented that my booty is getting smaller and more lifted. 

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