Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Easy Peasy Run

Today's afternoon run encountered a slight Garmin-malfunction.  I wonder why it takes a longer-than-usual time for my Garmin to locate the satellites. About 0.5 mile into it, it was still locating and gee, I was already breathing hard.  So, instead of going for the 3 miles I had planned to do, I completed 3.5 miles in 42 minutes at a 12 min/mile pace. That's pretty standard now. I probably should push myself a little harder so I can cut the min/mile pace down. 

Today's Thoughts While Running:
1. Buttercup tinkered. And I can't help imagining that as she galloped away after her business, that I will be flicked with some of that droplets.

2. On a more serious note, I was thinking about entering a half-marathon. I was going to enter the half marathon in Little Rock in March. But since the knee has put me out of commission for a few weeks, and put me behind the training, so I decided not to enter. I was disappointed when I finally came to that decision. I thought about ways I can overcome and do that half marathon, but I want my first to be grand. I want to enjoy my first half marathon. I want to feel good doing it. I want to be prepared for it. I want to run the whole thing. I want to be proud of it. I want to tell people that I RAN the entire 13.1 mile. I am not going to be too concern about time but I do want to finish it in 2.5 hours.
Hence, I was pretty much preoccupied by the idea of running a half and trying to remember the different races I saw from Runner's World magazine. There's one in Vegas in December, but that's too far away. I need something pretty soon - in a month or two or three. And I think I just might do the Rock and Roll in Nashville in April. That still gives me a solid 9 weeks to train. Oooh, decisions.

3. Slow and Steady wins the race. I can get pretty impatient and ambitious and jump the gun. Maybe that's why I hurt my knee in the first place. But I am going to do it the correct way this time and adhere to a training plan and not overdo it, thinking I will benefit from it.

4. I am looking forward to going to a running shoe store later this week to see what I can find. I am currently running in a pair of Asics Gel-Stratus 2.1. I like that it is meshy and breathable but I don't know if this is the right pair. I need someone to show me.  Heck, I am not even sure if I am underpronating or overpronating or if I am neutral.  I think I have high arches but I am not 100% sure. Maybe I will be able to get some help at the store and maybe I will find a pair of shoe that is right?

5. It is amazing that the things I shopped for are running-related. First, it's the shoes that I will probably be buying this weekend.  Then, I ordered an MP3 player today. I have my iPods (4 actually) and I am not totally crazy about it. So, I ordered the SanDisK Sansa clip. It is supposed to be really small and has a clip so I won't have to fuss with an arm band. I have an arm band for my iPod and it just doesn't sit up on my arm when I run. And I am reading online on sports bras, technical shirts etc. I haven't cyber-browsed for heels or bags in quite a while now.

6. Maybe the Vegas Rock n' Roll in December to finish my year with a bang?

Good night! I think I am gonna run 2 miles tomorrow but maintain a 11 min/mile pace throughout.

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  1. You should totally sign up for a half! By committing to one, it makes it easier to train and reach your goal. :) You can do it!


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