Monday, February 22, 2010

Relaxing Monday and looking ahead

I am sitting here with a bowl of fresh fruits - a medley of mango, apple, banana, and tangerine. It tastes so yummy - citrusy, sweet, crunchy, smooth. Lots of flavors and is definitely a very satisfying dessert. I am lucky that my parents are healthful eaters and instilled in us the idea of healthful eating and a diet rich in vegetables and fruits. When I finally do grow up, I want to be a parent like they did and teach my kids to eat well.

My best friend in Singapore left a message on my Facebook saying that she ran her second 5K. She also says that I was her inspiration for starting to run. 
I am so proud of her. She started running after my incessant running updates on Facebook. She works hard at her job and is very good at it. And I am sure this running is good for her to clear her head and relieve some pressure and stress.  She can do anything. And that's my best friend.

 Here's a picture of me and Kris in Sonoma, California (Summer 2009)

After supper with  Keith at the office, I was tired but managed to stop by the gym and stepped on the elliptical machine for a mile and a half. It was good. I am glad I didn't go straight home after the meal because I know I will be laying in bed, reading a book or watching a documentary.
Looking ahead: I plan on doing 3 miles tomorrow and Thursday and 4 miles on Saturday. That will be 10 miles this week.

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