Saturday, February 27, 2010

Inaugural Run with New Shoes

I went to a proper running shoe shop on Thursday evening and got those folks there to help me find a pair of running shoes. The entire process was rather cool. I  learned that I overpronate when I run. I was so thrilled with the thought of having a new pair of shoes that I forgot to check the colors out. But I like blue and most of my running gear are blue and grey. 
Here's  my Asics Gel 3050. We'll see how this baby stand to the test.
Side and top view of my new shoes before the 4-mile run

Today is Saturday and I woke up with a scratchy throat and my nose was already running before I could put my shoes on.  So I hurried and put on my new babies and got out of the house. So Buttercup and I completed 4 miles. It was quite a good run because I went on a slightly different route. I didn't expect it to be quite so uphill. It wasn't hilly, nah, but I have been running on flat ground, so this was indeed quite a sucker. Note to myself: Gotto do some hillwork on the treadmill from now on.

A little incline can only make me stronger. Right?
1st mile = 12:06.91
2nd mile = 12:20.05
3rd mile = 12:27.67
4th mile = 12:13.21
Total = 4 miles in 49:12 mins

Shoe Verdict: No problem! I wore the shoes and not the other way around. It fits and it was comfortable. Didn't feel like I was breaking into them.

Knee Verdict: Left knee kinda griped a little after 3.5 miles. But so far so good. I kept on to finish the 4 miles I set out to do and then, walked the rest of the 0.8 mile home.


  1. I love new shoes!! Glad you found a good pair. Makes a huge difference :)


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