Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Bad and the Good.

The Lowdown. Buttercup and I completed another weekend long run. Here's the breakdown of our 5-mile run today:
Mile 1 = 10:33.25
Mile 2 = 11:29.61
Mile 3 = 12:04.95
Mile 4 =11:27.95
Mile 5 = 11:08.78
Total: 5 miles in 56:46 minutes at an average pace of 11:21/mile.
Buttercup - all pooped out right after our run

Buttercup still lounging around after 5 hours.
She got excited and hyper when I went outside to give her yummies.

The Bad.   Let's start with the bad for this run. 
1. I woke up with a headache. But I decided to go ahead because Ms. Sandra said a good run usually takes care of the headache. I trust her. 
2. Period cramps. Yes. Today. Need I say more? 
3. Allergies. I had to swallow clungs of yikey stuff. And I can't breathe through my nose.
4. Gee. What's the temperature out there today? 70? Okay, I checked and it said it is
AND it feels like 60. But it sure didn't feel like 60. 

5. I didn't attain my "Under 12:00/mile goal for each mile. On Mile #3, I went about 4 seconds over that goal.

The Good. 
1. I did go under 12:00/mile for the rest of the laps, AND ...
2. My average was 11:21/mile.
3. I finished quite strongly. I thought to myself, "Man! How can I be so slow on my final lap?"
4. Buttercup was quite a good companion today. No stress from her on me.
5. Knee wasn't hurting.
6. It was a pretty day. The sun is out. I didn't freeze. 
7. I didn't have to worry about other dogs or walkers or runners. It was just Buttercup and I. A really peaceful, quiet run.
8. My Forerunner (Rennur) didn't die on me.  He was a little weak today cos' I didn't charge him up good. So glad he didn't give up on me.
9. No scary encounters. I came home alive. 
Overall ... A great run! I gave it all I have until I really didn't have any more to give. I finished it. And I felt good after I caught my breath.  I hope you are/will be having a good weekend run.

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