Sunday, March 28, 2010

Giveaways in Blog Land

I didn't run today. I am taking it easy and resting the knee. Trail running worked some muscles that I didn't know I had. My butt muscles are aching - a nice ache. :) The knee is not too too bad. I can go up the stairs pretty painlessly. So I am excited.

Here's what other bloggers are giving away in Blog Land. Check them out!

Run Momma, Run is giving away some a top and Ryders sunglasses.
My Reason to Run is giving away a pair of orangish/brown Thorlos Experia socks. Ends March 31st.
Mommy's Fit for the King is giving away a iFitness belt and Gu. Ends March 31st.

Have fun and happy running!


  1. I hope you knee gets feeling even better soon. You are smart not to push it. Running will always be there..but you only get one set of knees!
    Thanks for letting me know about the giveaways!

  2. hey, thnx for entering my race! it will be fun!!!
    i just made up the distance. i thought it would be fun! lol. i wanted to do 7.7 or something fun, and decided on 12.3, just because. hahahha.

  3. Do you do a lot of trail running? That is something I haven't done.

  4. The Shamrock Run that I participated in was the first trail run ever. It was fun, but I wasn't really expecting it. I was expecting some slopes but on paved/asphalt ground.
    It worked some muscles that I didn't know I had. And if you do it, make sure it hadn't been raining a few days prior to your run. It's kinda sleek on the ground so you gotto watch it. :)


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