Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Running Makes Me Happy

Thought of the Day.  It doesn't matter how stressed I feel or how disappointed  I feel at the beginning of a run. The end result is pretty much the same - I feel happy after a run. And I want to be a runner for the rest of my life.  

Reflection.  Last weekend 10-miler didn't turn out the way I wanted it to be. In 1 run, all three of my expectations were crushed (1. Run 10 miles, 2. Run without knee pain, 3. Register for half marathon when I achieved the previous two).  I was pretty bummed but I want to thank every single one of you who understood and gave me some kind encouraging words. Thank you!    

What happened.  I heeded your advice and rested Sunday and Monday.  I was dying to go out and run on Monday actually because I had a rough day and I just know that a run would make me happy. But I refrained. Today, I ran. I took precautions too. I told myself I will run on the treadmill since that is some pretty nice surface, and that I was going to do 1 mile and play it by ear.  I would start that mile slowly - 12:00/mile. AND if there isn't any pain, I will continue, but 3 miles will be the max. I also prepped myself for the 3-mile run.  I wrote my planned pace on a piece of sticky note and stuck it on the treadmill. (1st mile: 12:00/mile, 2nd mile: 11:45/mile, 3rd mile: 11:30/mile). 
Of course I didn't stick to the plan!

Here's the data: 
Mile 1 = 12:00/mile
Mile 2 = 11:32/mile
Mile 3 = 10:00/mile.
Completed 3 miles in 34:30 minutes.  

Good News. I hit 100 miles of the year.  And definitely the most number of miles I have ever ran in my 30 years of life.  I am excited and absolutely thrilled.   

I'm Thankful For.  A good 3 mile run today. Knees that aren't bothering me too much. A boyfriend who bears with me telling him all about running.  Blogging friends who have been supportive and encouraging. A pretty spring Tuesday.  

I'm Looking Forward.  A good, steady run for the rest of the week.


  1. good job!!!!
    listen to your body and it will lead you the right way every time!!!
    and congrats on the 100 miles. I am 6 away from my first 100 miles.

  2. yes, i am on facebook. you can find me under Aneta S

  3. So glad to hear your knee didn't bother you. I pushed through the pain in my shin to finish my half marathon, and now I can't run at all. Taking it easy is smart. I don't always run smart. Keep up the good work!

  4. I guess its like what they say about dogs "a tired dog is a happy dog"... "a tired runner is a happy runner"


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