Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sometimes you have to just run

I have been staying up late working on paperwork and lesson plans and I can't seem to function without inserting a nap in the late afternoons after work. Today, as I lay ever so comfortably in bed, the thought of a 4-mile run hung over me and then, I was struck with guilt when I tried to talk myself out of running today. I am not good at convincing people, heck, I can't even talk myself out of my run.  I tore myself reluctantly away from my nap, put on my running outfit, slapped on my Garmin and off I went.

The legs weren't moving fast enough. It felt weighted down. I looked at my Garmin about a mile into it and saw I was running at more than 12:00/mile pace.  I was disappointed since I had been doing less than that for the past few runs.  I was pretty down on myself until my eyes laid on Buttercup.  She was happily poking her nose into bushes, grass, and whatever funkies she found along the way.  She strutted, she galloped, she stopped. This was when I realized that it's OK that I am not so fast today.  I should be happy that I am out here running, instead of napping.  Then, I started to run, happily.  I sang. I laughed at Buttercup. I enjoyed the slightly muggy but otherwise nice day. 
Here's the data for today.
Mile 1 = 12:10.24
Mile 2 = 12:19.77
Mile 3 = 12:16.23
Mile 4 = 12:27.23
Total: 4 miles at about 49mins with an average pace of 12:18/mile.
I am four miles closer to my 1000-mile goal.

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  1. Great attitude girl! I love dogs, they can teach us so much about life huh?

    Congrats on getting out and getting a run in when you really didn't want to. :)


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