Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Random thoughts at the Gym and Giveaways

"I am Asian, I am supposed to eat all that weird stuff."

WorkoutI went on the elliptical machine like I was supposed to and managed to get a measly 1.5 miles in. Not a lot. It is a torture being on that machine.  No scenery. Some sports channel I don't care to watch was on TV. Beefy man was huffing and puffing away. I am going to do some push-ups later, after my food is digested.

Food.  Boyfriend won't be back for supper tonight.  So, I get to eat whatever I want. And by that, I mean all the weird Chinese food that I have grown up eating.  I made this brothy rice dish - basically it is rice that is cooked to death in some tasty chicken broth. I also shredded some chicken breast and added it to the dish. I topped with spinach and cracked an egg. And here's the highlight: a big spoonful of delight, Vegemite.  
I know, gross. But to me, it tastes good. It is my comfort food. It has protein, carbs, fiber, and it low in fat. :) And I just have to wash a pot and a bowl. What do you expect? I am Asian, I am supposed to eat all that weird stuff. I eat raw fish, I eat fish eggs, I use fish sauce, I eat tofu. I love ice cream on sweet raisin bread. 

Random Thoughts.  A few people from Singapore know that I have been running a lot because I have been posting my workouts on Facebook/dailymile.  And I have been getting a lot of, "So you are really skinny now?"  Uh-oh-no. I am not really skinny now. (In fact, I am fat according to Asian standards.)  Why do people assume that one is trying to lose weight when they started running?  I actually am proud to say I run not because I want to lose weight. Here are the many reasons why I started running and why I continue to run:
1. I run because one of my journalism school friends, Jennifer started training and ran a half marathon.

2. Then, another journalism school friend, Judith, started running and invited me to join her in a Susan G. Komen 5K. That was my first race since I was 15.
3. I ran because I realized I feel so good about myself after my runs. 
4. I run because it is the only time I am alone with my thoughts. 
5. I run because I can challenge myself EVERY time I run. 
6. I run because I love to outdo myself in those challenges.
7. I run because I can race with myself, and with others. 
8. I run because I can still eat all those ice cream on sweet bread. 
9. I run because it really makes me happy.
10. I run because I am addicted to running now. 

So, what are your reasons for running? 

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  1. Hey there!
    Cool that you left a comment for my giveaway;-) like your blog.
    what motivates me currently to run? I LOVE the endorphin rush each time. It's my drug of choice;-)along with sugar coffees, and other sweet vices taste better if I know I ran...;-)

  2. I actually do run for weightloss. But if that was the only reason, I'd have quit a long time ago. I really do enjoy it. I like pushing myself to see how far/hard/fast I can run.

  3. I believe it is the personal challenge and endorphins that keep runners running. The weightloss is just an added benefit. :) I was about 100 pounds when I first came to the U.S. and even though I am much heavier, I feel better, stronger, healthier, and happier.


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