Thursday, March 18, 2010

What do you carry?

Questions: What do you carry with you on your long runs? How are you stashing those items?

As I will be venturing into an 8-mile run this weekend, I have been wondering what to bring with me out on these longer runs. 
These are my essentials: (a) I usually have my Garmin with me. (b) And I clipped my Sansa slip on the Garmin (but music isn't necessary: I can do without). (c) I carry my cell phone with me.  

These are what I would like to carry with me: (a)Water. (b) A piece of gum. (c) And perhaps some GU or something like that in the near future.

I am a gum-addict.  I usually chew a fresh piece of gum when I set out on a run. I find that it keeps my mouth kinda moist. So, having a fresh piece during a run will allow me to pop another one in midway through my run.
I definitely would love to have water with me but I haven't done so because I don't want to carry things in my hands when I run.  I don't think I will drink much during the run because I usually get side stitches when I introduce food/fluids into my body prior to running.  But I would like to have enough to quench some thirst and make me feel refreshed.

So, let me know what are your running essentials and how do you carry your stuff around?


  1. I always carry water, fuel, and ID with me. For runs like 8-10, I will carry a handheld water bottle and just take a GU. For longer runs, I take a camel back and lots of GU. Good luck!

  2. i always take water, my ipod and something to eat during long runs. I used to eat Sharkies, which are kinda like athletic gummy bears, but i wanna experiment with new things this year.
    I need music. I cannot run more than 3 miles without it.


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