Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Midweek Semi Long Run

My Quote of the Day.  People take naps. I run and then, take a bath. 

Thought of the Day.  I need to experiment with pre-run snacks of some sort to give me some boost during the run. I just got so sluggish about midway.  It felt like a leprechaun was dragging my feet and they just won't go any faster. What's your favorite pre-run/during-run snacks? 

Numbers for the Day:
Mile 1: (Forgot to turn it on, but it was over 11:00)
Mile 2: 12:09/mile
Mile 3: 11:49/mile
Mile 4: 11:56/mile
Mile 5: 12:14/mile

Total: 4 miles @ 48:10 + 1 mile @ approx. 11:30 minutes = 5 miles @ 59 mins.

Another 5 miles closer to my 1,000-mile goal. :)

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