Wednesday, March 31, 2010


And the Story Goes.  I got the idea from Aneta and did this for today's cross-training. She is doing a run-bike-run combo and I sorta modified it to give my knees a break from running. So I did an elliptical-bike-elliptical combo instead. I botched my first attempt at this combo last week. And this week, I wrote it down on a Post-It note to remind myself exactly what to do. 

What I Did & How I Did.  
Elliptical - 1 mile @ 10 mins
Bike - 5 miles @ 19 mins
Elliptical - 1 mile @ 11:23 minutes

After that I went and did some weights on the bicep curls machine, only to realize that after elevating the seat to the highest position ever, I am still too short. I remembered why I used to just do free weights.

Good quick workout today. Sweated a whole lot and feeling pretty good.  Now, gonna sit on that office chair and type some speech reports in the comfort of my home.   

Have you tried this R-B-R combo or do you have any combo you are doing and would like to share?  


  1. I agree with your last post. I feel happy after a run. I don't always want to do it but I always feel better later.

  2. I am not very good at combo training...i think it is wonderful though..and helpful to reduce stress on the legs. I guess I will soon be better at if I am going to train for a Tri?

  3. Me and a bike = fail!! Haha. Good job on the workout, it's gotta be a great mental boost!!


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