Sunday, April 4, 2010

Considered It Done and Did.

Thought of the Day.  The difference between thinking about doing it and doing it is just doing it. 

Mental Prep.  I was a tad worried last night about the 10-miler today.  I botched the 10-miler last week and ended up with some pain in the knee.  So last night, I prepped myself mentally that if it starts hurting bad enough that I was hobbling, I was going to take it easy and not finish the 10-mile.  I learned that I have to condition myself and set a certain expectation and brainstorm different scenarios and solutions to the problems just to avoid having one goal and a one track mind.  I did that last week. I was so focused on getting 10-miles done that when I didn't do that, I was quite frustrated with myself, felt bummed the entire weekend and didn't even celebrate the fact that I had a rather fun 5K race earlier that morning. 

The Run.  I rolled out of bed and chomped down a Powerbar as I got dressed and ready for the run. Got my handheld bottle out of the fridge and off I went.  The first 2 miles were slow like I had intended it to be. I was still trying to shake the slumber off my head and I didn't want to tire myself out. Ran downtown and had my first Gu ever at Mile 3. I tore the packet off with my teeth and I thought I was some hot shot! Until I had my first taste - it was a little "hmmmm...." Not too sure that tastes good. Tried to wash it down with some water, and I am not very good at coordinating my eyes, my feet, my swallowing and everything all at one time. So I stopped and took a few seconds to finish it up that Gu and had some more water, ran to the Dumpster and threw the packaging away and continue the run.  I didn't turn my watch off at this time either.
I scheduled to run to aunt's house - just in case I needed to use the bathroom. Didn't needed it. Ran and ran up downtown, down downtown. Smelled some bleach. Saw some azaleas which made me thought of my sweet neighbor who had passed away several years ago.  She always assured me "Everything will be just fine. They will be just fine." 

Be proud of me because I actually didn't weazle my way out of slopes today. I ran up and down at least 4 slopes. Ran to the boyfriend's office to see if he is still there. He was. Took my 2nd GU and washed it down while he told me about him making headway on his dissertation. He asked about my knee. Told him it was behaving. Asked where's Buttercup. Told him I cheated on her again.  He said he was gonna go get breakfast for me and it will be waiting for me when I get done with 10 miles. I love him so much!

Ran to the school and did a loop there. I wanted to make sure that by the time I reached my car, I would already have completed 10 miles because it would be a cruel joke to play on my psyche if I have to run to my car and go, "uh-huh! Can't stop yet. Keep going."  Mile 7 - knee started hurting a tad but it was ok. Not so drastic yet. I can do it. The difference between thinking about doing a 10 mile and running a 10 mile is just running the 10 miles.  I kept going. Mile 8 and I thought about my friends, Judith and Rindy. Judith told Rindy while they were running their half-marathon at mile 10 that they have 3.1 bonus miles to go.  So, I keep telling myself, "Yay! I get to run another 2 bonus miles!"  And before I know it, I finished my 2 bonus miles! Limped a little to my car while I called the boyfriend to tell him, "I DID IT!" and off my way to eat some good breakfast with my boyfriend. Life is so good and I am sooo darn happy!
 My post-10 mile face
The Stats.  
Mile 1 = 12:41.48
Mile 2 = 12:38.27
Mile 3 = 12:14.90
Mile 4 = 12:31.51
Mile 5 = 12:08.95
Mile 6 = 11:58.21
Mile 7 = 11:53.20
Mile 8 = 12:30.06 
Mile 9 = 12:21.82
Mile 10 = 12:30.85
10 miles = 2:03.32.   Average 12:21/mile

Will write about what I thought about the GU flavor, my new running shirt, and my running bottle in the next post.


  1. hey hey! great ass job!!! thats awesome!
    i cant remember when the last time i ran 10 miles. that is a very long run!
    you should be so proud of urself!!! rest up and keep on smiling!

  2. Great job!!! I recently ran my first half, and I found that if I could run 10, I could do that bonus 3.1 with no problem. Keep up the good work. :)

  3. Congrats on 10 miles done! I'm curious to see your review on the handheld water bottle... I have tried to use mine a few times, but on longer runs it really feels like it's dragging me down (silly, I know). I've liked using the fuel belt for anything longer than 6 miles or when it's really hot, but hate the dorkiness factor of it. Maybe I should just try to get used to the handheld one...

  4. Thanks for woohoo-ing with me! I can definitely work on running faster but for now, I am loving the fact that I got a double-digit mile.
    Thanks for keeping me accountable, motivated, and inspired.
    Java Joggers - check back tomorrow or Tuesday. I hope to have a review up soon.

  5. I've never had good luck with gu but feel I should try again. I bought some chomps recently to try. Good job on the 10 miles.

  6. I love that quote, how true it is!!

    Congrats on your 10 miler, what an accomplishment!!

  7. Great quote!
    Great run!
    Great report!
    and you look GREAT post 10!

  8. Not to shabby. You don't even look too tired.

  9. way to get it done!! seriously love the hubs for getting breakfast too!!

  10. nice work on a double digit run!

  11. Great job! Woot!! When I did my 10 miler about a month ago, I figured all I had to do was run 5 miles, turn around and run back. I tried to keep that in my mind the whole way. It's just 5 miles out. Turn around. Run back.

    It was kind of the same thing. Just do it.

    Great job!


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